Which NPC Do You Want to Meet as a Hero?
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Closed Events


Closed Events

Which NPC Do You Want to Meet as a Hero? [1.4K]

Hello, Heirs. This is GM Sez.


Among all the NPCs encountered in the Shop, Adventure, and Side Stories, 

which one would you most like to see become a playable hero?


Let us know in the comment section below. All participants will receive rewards!


■ Which NPC Do You Want to Meet as a Hero?  

[Event Schedule] 

2/15 (Thu) ~ 2/21 (Wed) 14:59 UTC

[How to Participate]

  1. Select the NPC you would like to see as a playable hero from the images below!
  2. Leave your comment following the [Nickname/Sever/Selected image] format to participate!


1. Biblica & Biblio

2. Bittersweet Dessert Festival NPC

3. Xavier Perlutia

4. Garo Rils 

[Event Rewards]

- All participants will receive 2 Leif.

- The rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox on 2/27 (Tue). (Storage Period: 7 Days) 


[Please Note!]
- Make sure to write down your correct nickname and server info in order to claim your rewards.
- Event participation will be based on the nickname you provided.
  ※ Rewards may not be given out correctly if you change your nickname.
 - Participants can only win one event prize per account and duplicate entries will be exempt from receiving rewards.
 (You cannot participate in the same event on other STOVE communities with different languages.)
 - For more details about our event policy, please visit our [Event Regulations] page.


We can’t wait to see your answers!

We hope you’ll enjoy this event! 

Thank you! 

Post 1.4K
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Kisetsu / Global / 1

Elyssium / Global /  4

Skynight /Europe/2

Habak / Europe / 2. Bittersweet Dessert Festival NPC

NoobDuh/Global/ 4. Garo Rils

Zangtzu / Global / Garo Rils

Mitsuwa/ Europe /2



Waverlock / Global / Garo Rils

神Yato / Global /1

[Tias/Global/5, Queen Francesca]

You clowns know there are a whole lot more cooler characters people would like to see as characters right? Sure Garo is popular, but so is Queen Francesca, ML Luna and etc.


Kagold/Asia/Garo Rils

Bartz22 / Europa/ 1

b4ngiras / Global / 3. Xavier, Garo's cool and all but he and some of the others (Biblica, Biblio, Huche, etc) seem "too" NPC to me... but I still want more male heroes, lol.

Epic7#lik6p8 / Global / Garo Rils

FindingWafes / Global / Garo Rils

Copotify/Asia/4. Garo Rils

Liant /Asia/ 1. Biblica & Biblio

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