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New "CURSE" debuff

So what we know about this new debuff from the Melissa introduction video is that cursed target receives additional damage when target's teammates are attacked by single attack. Since this debuff can't be applied to bosses and elite monsters its ok to say Melissa is more of a PVP hero.

In my opinion she probably going to shine in GVG. One of the most popular heroes in defense is Seaside Bellona(SSB) and if the amount of received damage by curse is decent - then Melissa can be used as "two birds with one stone" killer. I mean, in teams with SSB we can curse the leader(most of the time its not SSB herself) then attack Bellona with strong single target damage dealer - with Bellona's "share dmg" passive skill and Melissa's curse its possible to eliminate two targets in one go, well atleast that's what I think. Not bad but this way she is too niche.

I think curse debuff need some change - it can be easily countered by fast cleanser or fast immunity hero. Sure her 112 speed is decent but its not a big deal for cleanser. I suggest making it unable to be cleansed or at least unable to be resisted i.e. it always lands - I mean c'mon she is designed around her curse mechanics, let her have a chance to use it. 

What do you think about her? Any ideas?

P.S. btw, this might be an overkill idea but what if the curse had innate extinction effect? Something like "if enemy is hitted with a lethal blow while having a curse debuff then he can not be revived" - the target is cursed after all. 


Curse feels weak tbh, but we have to see it in action.

I don't like the idea that Curse is not useable on boss or elite monsters and I don't see why it should be this way, except when they have encountered bugs with this mechanic that are unrepairable.

I'd like Curse to have two effects - dealing percentage of the damage done on an ally unit on the cursed target (like it does) AND deal 20% of the cursed target's max health once the cursed target ends its turn (Similar how Banshee works). I don't see Curse as a soughtable debuff if it's only PvP. 

Caide [Caide]

Cursed foes should be dealt the equivalent of 40% of the damage that the other foe took from a single target attack, so she should pair nicely with a strong single target damage dealer, such as Yufine or Luna, likely killing not only the target they follow up on, but also the target Melissa damaged and cursed. While it doesn't work on elites and bosses, if there are additional foes in the encounter, it will work on those, so she will allow you to focus more damage on the boss over the adds when they need to be taken out. Definitely seems more tailored towards PvP though. Her biggest limitation is going to be the ridiculous 85% cap they have implemented on the combined chance to land a debilitating status effect. I really wish they'd get rid of that absolutely backwards and idiotic mechanic. It drags down the value of units such as Melissa and creates unnecessary uncertainty in PvP where you just don't know if you faced someone with better gear than you or if they were just lucky.

Ornament [STOVE90363818]

Please don't ignore that her kit comes with immortality on an active skill and that Melissa is an "extra turn" hero in the mage class. This means she works very well with Time matter and Etica's.

Yes, Curse is debuted on Melissa, but Melissa is in no way just a Curse hero.

In Pve (Daydream joker) with s3 into s1 is very good damage for boss killing. If I'm not mistaken, damage amps (S1) apply to Joker as well.

She will be strong/annoying as hell. a solid PVP comp with speedy Melissa would be Iseria, Lilias, and Krau/Dorvus. 

My only complaint is that i love my Serila's s3 dispell/s1 defense break and I'm not sure how much it would hurt my comp to replace Serila for Melissa.

weeblord420 [jangolemestre]

Here is why curse debuff is bad: it wont land 15% of the time

This means 15% of the time you wont be able to kill 2 units with your Melissa + Nuker and even when it lands you need to overkill by over twice the characters HP.

Now consider the fact two nukers can do the exact same job without having that uncertainty and you understand why curse debuff is actually bad.

Then the question becomes does she make up for it with the rest of the kit? I'd say its pretty close thanks to immortality but no since she's a red mage with low stats. Overall I'd say she's a bad nuker because of debuff uncertainty and a bad immortality/revive user because it's not a passive which means you need to go before whoever wants to kill you.

I rate her 8 pve because she might be good against golem and a 7-9 in offense arena/GvG depending on whether you have all stats and characters she needs to be useful or not.

Re: New "CURSE" debuff

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