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Ornament [STOVE90363818]

So players were really so triggered

from seeing homemade snacks in hunts? just from seeing it? No one had the patience to consider that homemade snacks did not affect gear drop rates? 

Instead of getting homemade snacks now, players will go back to seeing energy drops more frequently. Is this what players really preferred? 

To make a clear note, the rate at which gears dropped were not affected by this at all. Now, while players farm the most common battle of the game, they will not be able to stock up on auto repeat currency... because having energy drop rates cut in half was too triggering for some.

10 homemade snacks a week? The complainers just shot themselves in the foot. farming hunts for a day or two gave 10.

I'm bothered by how responsive SG/SC is to player concerns and how much part of this player base is abusing this without being fully aware of what developers have planned.

Pets aren't going anywhere. auto-farm has a currency. and now we, who understand that autofarm isn't meant to replace normal gameplay time, have to split our active farming time between hunts and side stories just to stock up on homemade snacks. 

Thanks for taking the system a step back.


The request of the players may have been half ***** but the answer of sg was no better, auto repeat having a currency goes againet the very reason people wanted it to begin with.  Yes pets wont go anywhere but the current systen is an insult to the playerbase who waited a year for a basic feature that got twisted into a mess of rng and insane costs.


I think the problem was getting out of 30 hunts only 10 snacks, which means if you start a week with 50 snacks and do about 30 hunts a day, you lose 20 snacks a day which means you have no snacks at the third day.

The new change did not make anything better, but the older version wasn't best. I personally wanted a middle-thing between both, because relying on Snacks is already annoying enough because all we wanted was a regular auto-battle. I know that SG doesn't want to encourage mindless battling and everyone should enjoy their animations - I do, but I also have to endure the grindyness of this game and they do not help by giving another layer of grindyness on top of the grindyness which is coated by RNG and topped by time-gated content.

I've had my fair share of mobile games and yes - Epic Seven could hold me for years, but sometimes I just want to make my daily grind while doing something else and do harder content on manual.

Avi55 [Avi55]

Getting more 11 energy vs 1 homemade snack form hunt 11 drops, yes I would infinity prefer the energy. Energy can be used in a variety of different content where as the snacks was a shortcut that some people don't use that often.

But to your point yes the snacks should be easier to farm in large numbers and hunt 11 rewards need to be improved, but snacks shouldn't be a reward from wat is supposed to be 1 of the toughest PvE content 

NayaYuri [STOVE83938898]

Before we jump on the who shoot who in the foot train, lets not forget that this is a new 'system' they did not want us to have in the first place, so can see the upcoming weeks/months and maby even a year this being worked on to improve it on.

Next week they might be back, or the per week is increased or who knows maby in the end there is no limited at all


My take on pets and their features are basically...

idc at this point for full on autorepeat anymore, i can grind it all out myself pretty fast if i wanted to so auto repeats that i gain now are meh. I havent even used more than 1 snack that i used to test it out.

 I love the bonuses pets can give, if they can keep building on that i'm all aboard cuz even if i had full on auto repeat, i personally wouldnt use it much since I only hardcore grind on bonus gold/drop buff days they throw out every once in a while. Other than those days ill just save my snack till then. 

My only suggestion would basically just be that the chance for the pet extra skills should not be lower than c for 2*, B for 3*, A for 4* and S for a 5* pet when u upgrade then or something along the lines of that cuz of the amount of gold needed to try n get the S pet ur looking for currently. Even if they dont do it like that I like the pet system eitherway. ;) 


Correct me if I am mistaken, but I never saw gear and a snack drop side by side. It appeared to indeed replace the main drop of the hunt. That said I will miss the snack in adventure mode dearly, specially for events as they dropped often enough to allow semi-permanent auto mode.

ArchmageSol [ArchmageSol]

I agree OP. Snacks was only reducing the rate of energy drops not equipment. Now I can’t hoard snacks while farming hunts. The one thing I do the most in this game.

People don’t even read patch/dev notes when SG state that they were going to reduce energy and powder as requested. They only wanted to complain, now we are in a worse situation.

@Candlejack...The Wyvern only drops one item when it dies. Have you seen it drop energy and equipment?

I’m starting to think players don’t understand drop tables. So let’s clarify for example...not actual numbers.

First Mob
60% Blue Claws

40% Red Claws

Wyvern Drop

50% Lvl 70 Gear

25% Lvl 85 Gear

15% Energy ( They reduced this to 7.5% and added 7.5% to drop snacks)

10% Powder

See how equipment rate was not lowered?

weeblord420 [jangolemestre]

You are quite stupid for blaming the community for SGs mistakes. Snacks muddling drop rates wasn't the only complaint but one of many, they choose to "fix" this one to make it look like they did something we wanted when in reality the "fix" is just another monkey paw.

ArchmageSol [ArchmageSol]

SG never reduced the equipment drop rate!

"the probability of receiving Energy in Hunt was reduced by half, with the remaining half being allocated to the probability of receiving Handmade Snacks."

SG Post about Hunt Drop Table,html_remove&afterBack=true&boardKey=e7en003

Players kept complaining that snacks was replacing equipment drop!,html_remove&afterBack=true&boardKey=e7en013

"Get rid of the snack or make them drop more often and don't replace hunt's gears"

But now due to the complaints they removed snacks from hunts!

End game players who farm hunts all day will no longer get snacks.

We've gone from getting 5+ plus snacks a day to only 10 a week!

I'm not calling anyone "stupid" but I am very disappointed in the community.

Scythelike [Scythelike]

I dont see any point why someone would actually use snacks for hunts except maybe to have it run while you sleep at night.

The real benefit a pet offers (at least to me) is that it opens chests and does other crap if you are on the auto-repeat stuff. I mean there is nothing to collect during hunts and its literally only 2 battles without an empty road inbetween, maybe I am still not as lazy to click 2 buttons once I beat w11 to start the next one but in that case I can only say wow to most people :D

Re: So players were really so triggered

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