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#EpicSeven #Suggestions

Laizaroku [Zyrusticae]

Proposal: My ideas for reworking Assassin Cidd in a way that makes sense

I posted this in reddit before and with the announcement of Assassin Cidd being on the docket for a buff, I think it's important that I post this here now. This is my attempt to rectify Assassin Cidd's kit while keeping in mind his original purpose as an anti-speed speed character. (Changes in bold.)

Slice (+1 Soul): Attacks with an axe, with a 60% (75%) chance to dispel one buff. Deals additional damage when target isn't buffed. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster's Speed.

Swift Action: Grants the caster 10% (15%) of the enemy's highest speed, and increases the caster's evasion chance against attacks that target all enemies by 80% (100%).

Execution (+2 Souls; Cooldown: 4 turns; Burn Effect: Increases damage dealt (-10 Souls)): Attacks the enemy with a powerful ground pound, dispelling all buffs before silencing them for 1 turn and decreasing their Combat Readiness by 50%. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster and the enemy's Speed.

Allow me to explain

Currently, Assassin Cidd is without a niche. His kit does not synergize... pretty much at all, and lacks any of the survivability-increasing elements of, say, Assassin Coli's kit. He's also completely stuffed by immunity, both immunity set and cast immunity.

Dat funky S2

As such, I took the idea of his S3, which is a skill designed explicitly to counter first-turn units like Roozid, Basar, and even Dizzy to some extent, and extrapolated that to his S2, which allows him the breathing room to gear up for some damage output without the pressure of having to have +20 speed on literally every piece of gear. With this S2 he can have some effectiveness, attack, and crit damage while still having a good chance of getting the first turn (note: against that infamous 270 speed Basar, this would effectively grant him 40 additional speed at full molas).

There's a sort of beauty in this scaling effect as he loses speed with every superfast character that goes down, with his bonus being nonexistent when the enemy team is slow.

The addition of the evasion was something I added after thinking about the fact that we have characters that are explicitly vulnerable to AoEs (Assassin Coli's stealth and Spectre Tenebria's perma-stealth, among others) but lack characters in the opposite role. A. Cidd thus becomes a character who exists almost purely to counter speed cleave, which I believe was also his original design intent, but one that unfortunately was not realized fully. Mind you, even with full evasion against AoEs he would still be quite squishy, so ideally he should be breaking the enemy's combo in some fashion in order to reduce incoming damage.

Immunity pls

Hence, my change to his S3 to allow him to dispel immunity. Note that we already have a character who can do something similar: Iseria, who dispels all buffs while planting defense break and buff block on her target (in addition to targeting if she has Song of Stars). Unsurprisingly, she's one of the most potent offense units there is. Wanderer Silk is also now a strong option to have, and even with these values Assassin Cidd's S3 is inferior in terms of the actual effect it has (as W. Silk's S3 has multiple and longer-lasting debuffs and takes the target straight to the back of the line). 

There are understandable concerns that this makes him too strong overall - a character that doesn't care about immunity and has the speed to literally always go first. The thing is: 

  • He's purely single-target
  • He is unlikely to have any amount of effectiveness, and if he does, his damage is going to be nonexistent
  • If he's on defense, he can be baited by any light element unit, especially one with high effect resist
  • He will literally die the instant a strong single-target DPS character attacks him. It's also highly unlikely he can survive a cleave team, even with his passive, due to how low his HP and defense are.

Synergy, dawg

As for his S1, it's just what I could come up with that made logical sense for his kit and role. As a character designed to break combos the ability to keep attack buff off of the enemy's DPS is incredibly valuable, to say nothing of shaving down the enemy's buff bar so he can silence them when his S3 is off of cooldown. That, and his S1 multiplier becomes decently high in ideal conditions (which are quite unlikely to occur, but, y'know, it's a nice bonus to have). Honestly, this is the change I'm least attached to and I am entirely open to alternatives. 

There you go, that's my idea of a usable Assassin Cidd. With this, he has a unique niche and has very optimal use conditions that make him a highly valuable to piece to have in your arsenal. Putting fast Basar on your defense team becomes much less of a no-brainer and more of a calculated risk. Yes, I know he still wouldn't be used that much because the defense meta is still almost entirely mass stall, but that's not really my concern here. I'm just trying to find a way to fulfill his original calling. 

I hope that whatever you (Super Creative) decide, it is done with consideration for how he fulfills his initial design goals and how he stacks up next to his most direct competition, Assassin Coli and Wanderer Silk. Please don't let me down! 

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