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[Event] Basar's Luxury Goods

Hello Heirs!

This is GM Dominiel.

Check out Basar’s Luxury goods! Purchase every item and become a VIP Heir! 

■ Basar's Luxury Goods

1. Schedule: 9/18(Wed) ~ 10/9 (Wed) 18:00 UTC 

2. Details: To access the event, go to the rolling banner in the top right corner of the Lobby. Scroll to [Event News], tap on it, and then tap on the Basar's Luxury Goods banner! 

[Daily Missions]

Complete daily missions, collect Coins and pay our luxury goods shop a visit! 

Players can collect up to 25 Coins per day. 

[Basar's Luxury Goods]

Use Coins to purchase items that Basar has prepared! 

The Premium and Luxury Shops will be unlocked as you collect the respective amount of Coins required. 

[Loyalty Rewards]

We have a special reward for our VIP Heir!

You will receive VIP bonuses according to the number of purchases you've made at Basar's Luxury Goods Shop.

 Please Note!

- The daily missions will reset at the time of your server reset.

- The currency received does not reset and will accumulate during the event period. 

- Players will receive Loyalty Rewards once during the event period. 

Thank you.

MyRoboticLie [STOVE85964015]

TheAurizen [STOVE92957355]

NemensisXx [STOVE104524860]

Tail林 [STOVE103036188]

When will you fix your game? my game froze everytime i uses S3 and it's been happening for 2 days now

Rembrandt [STOVE84115569]


킴치 [STOVE92170988]

Ok, you guys still haven’t fixed the ios connection issue when trying to buy packs. Please get on it before the celebration pack ends because I am unable to buy it.


Great rewards! Please consider some extreme gifts, as in a huge chunk (200 points) for something unique, say refreshing the Luxury shop. As it stands, 22 days with 25 coins max/day = 550 coins. Buying out the shop gives you a spare 130 coins. Instead of allowing everyone to get the exact same, you could make it where you need extra coins to do something (for example refreshing the luxury shop) for 200 points, so then you need to select carefully where you want to use your coins. This can give people a choice to only get one type of items, or to just get everything. Maybe after refreshing the shop, the cost of the items there will be doubled. Yes, this will separate what people can get, but that's the whole point. Not everyone will get the same things. Add some rng into these choices, that is controlled by the player vs the system like the arky hammer. Great stuff tho btw! Wonderful.



fiendsfiend [STOVE122291262]

This is not a place to post your issues.

Appreciate the event and post your issues in another thread.


Lovely event, can people stop complaining about irrelevant issues though pls. I want thing fixed but I wont talk about it kn their event forum!

Caide [Caide]

Oh, come on, not again. Please don't forget to include a daily reward of Energy from completing the daily goals of these web events. You are even asking us to do 2 Hunts and 5 Adventures. While I'd do 1 Hunt and 5 Adventures anyways, it's annoying to be starved of Energy without getting any in return, e.g., to grind the Side Story event. It's nice that you let us pick and choose our rewards, the shop contents themselves are nice, but the lack of added bonus Energy for 21 whole days kinda stinks. There's only 5 purchases of 60 Energy in the store, 3 Leif. And these are normally the extra Energy and Leif we'd get throughout the duration of a web event, on top of the daily reward of 80 or so Energy for completing all tasks. Unless you plan to supplement us with Energy elsewhere, have decided to slash the Energy costs across the board in today's patch, this is nearly a month with lowered Energy, in a game that already has a bit of a problem with Energy costs being to high.

TakeDaL [STOVE120998752]

This event prob the best since you can pick what you want but you won't get that much bookmark but if it's free I'll take it

pigipower [STOVE124979494]

Re: [Event] Basar's Luxury Goods

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