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My Opinion on ML Gacha as exclusive item

Rich people play/pay for exclusive item that peasant dont have, that the prestige of exclusive

And this is a gacha, exclusive is normal ,thats the charm of gacha gamble

Like economy principal, the more you demand the more price/value will go up ,the less you demand the price/value will go down

Whale,dolphin or the fish that spend money have a right to angry

Some whaler ,dolpin or the fish that spend money get what they want ,some doesnt

Like korean whaler, whinning about cant get whats he want *5ML with drama

They pay the price with money, that f2p dont, i understand

The price of moonlight pack is not cheap and they spending that

The more they spend the more this game will live longer

This is gaming business not charity gaming

So if ML moonlight become normal and nerf for the sake of whinners

You betray someone that support your and like your game from the first ,because some people cant handle dont get *5ML

I dont have *5ML i dont even mad, cz i like the challenge ,even i mad ,i dont whine like a child 

Face it and move forward

Equality for the f2p is just illusion, always have a gap between f2p and p2w

If you want solution

The dev team just be give generous reward for f2p, just like a goverment take a tax from the rich give a benefit service to homeless and jobless


give a free energy 100+ 10 bm (GM domi)

Give a free 2 ticket *5 hero + artifak + 10 leif

This a bribe that f2p need,and people with their greed will demanding for more hahahaha...

Btw some people just reroll id with the cheat so the can sell the id with exclusive hero

I thinks Thats a price of exclusive

Now if dev team strip that, what left on gacha exclusive, if everbody have the hero it is not prestige anymore

Ornament [STOVE90363818]

As troll as this post is:

You as a player have not considered that they will make other prestige Items for the game.

A majority* complained about pulling nat 5*s. Answer? fine, you can get your nat 5*s

A majority complained about pvp being skewed and units being op. fine, they will be balanced with the rest of the nat 5*s.

both of these things answer what players have complained about most.

Now, players will complain, someone will always complain, about nothing being special in the game anymore [ignoring possibility of exclusive gear, ignoring possibility of skins, ignoring possibility of pets, ignoring possibility of something else]. These things can be prestige items that don't imbalance player vs. player content. 

Having something special doesn't have to ruin the game, man. 

and finally, normalizing something that shouldve been normalized from the beginning won't ruin the game, man.


Yeah another exclusive item and somepeople cant get it, they whine again and more vicious of cycle


The truth is RNG is pure justice some people spend more ,some people spend less

And some people can handle it, some people cant handle the truth

crying of their unlucky destiny and salty with other

Whale salty with f2p , not spending got their *ML 5

F2P salty that the whale can get acess exclusive with buy a packs and thats good ,that support company to pay the bill

Arena balance?dont joke lah, that why exclusive is expensive 

What meaning of excluvise if it common with others

Why only *5ML hero they complain not ,limited summon?

Eazy right?did many talk to nerf dizzy?baiken?luna?

Only ML *5 thats nerf this nerf that buff this buff that 

It is because you dont own the unit and you feel salty

If you own it, you will keep silence

Unbalance hero arena just justification, coz you dont own it ,cant beat it ,cant have it 

Change for what?the hardsip on arena not make me crying


Who is that i complain to?SG?

The title is about me share about my opinion to ML exclusive

Because you dont agree or dont like my opinion

It doesnt you can label  or called me what ever you want to suit your argument and you called me toxic hahaha... Have a mirorr my friend

The game is playable, arena unbalance is just excuse a justification because you dont have the unit ,i dont bother with the hardship in arena i called it challenge.

I already told you,Just do your riset 

how many player complain *5ML vs limited unit?nerf this nerf that 

Even korean player pres confference whale angry not about limited unit ,they crying about ML unit hahahahaha

Because you dont own it,dont have it, cant beat it ,it became issue

1. You point sound true, but nahh... Just illusion same problem same sh1et ,just shapesifhting to another problem the issue is on player mentality, not on mechanic, vicious cyle of gacha summoning 


2. Gacha is about exclusive, why another gacha have low rate to op unit or most desires, because it is exclusive and some people cant have it

you cant handle if you dont have the unit,thats why you dont want the exclusivity

3. If you care about healthy game, dont make a game ezy ,op unit is op unit not many people can have it, this is not mortal kombat or tekken or dragon ball fighting game, this is gacha gambling mobile monitez

4. Who is majority?reroll id?did you have a valid data?or statistic, how many f2p  play help can pay the bill?or whale disaagree or not disagree

5. Ok no problem if you cant handle my opinion, hate if you want

Walph [STOVE84689320]

I think rather than nerf ml 5* sg should release some other ml that hard counter that hero play style. And buff all useless ml heroes. That way ml will really feel like an exclusive item. Imo it should not be possible for a ml 5* countered by nat heroes. But I agree to give ceiling in ml summon tho.

kavinh [STOVE91617284]

you don't understand what the change actually does. Atm rolling for a ml5 average is 12k$ cause u can't buy ml rolls besides rolling packs. That's not feasible for a whale.

After the change at (11/40)x0.0125% means you'll get a ml5 every 290 rolls which comes out to be about 900$. The change is meant for mls to actually be whalable. The convenant banner change won't affect vast majority of players only the fat whales.

exclusivity is pointless if they can't profit from it, people who think this'll make ml5s easy to get don't understand what it actually does. The pity system is what's actually going to be important.

CherryLady [STOVE89966118]

Re: My Opinion on ML Gacha as exclusive item

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