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Official Dominiel

[Update] 5/15 (Wed) Update Content

1. Special Side Story - Visitors from Another World (Week 4)

Orbis regains peace after the Archdemon War. However, circumstances soon bring about chaos once again, while at the same time, visitors from another world start to appear in Ritania...

Check out the Final story in week 4 of our special side story, Visitors from Another World!


4/24 (Wed) after the maintenance ~ 5/22 (Wed) before the update (UTC)

How to Enter

After reaching Account Rank 9, go to the Lobby and tap [Battle] > [Side Story].

How to Play

“Visitors from Another World” week 4 allows players to progress to the [Final Story] of the side story. In order to proceed to the next chapter, players will need to complete the preceding chapter. You can enter or move to another chapter using the zoom button or the World Map.




Sol’s Story


Baiken’s Story


Dizzy’s Story


Final Story


Players will be able to obtain event currency after clearing each stage.

Event Currency for [Sol’s Story] and [Dizzy’s Story] can be exchanged for other items. Event Currency from [Baiken’s Story] and [Final Story] can be used as an entry ticket for the special tournament. Additionally, players will be able to receive a variety of items for completing Quests, Achievements, and Region Rewards.

The 8th stage of each chapter has a total of 4 difficulties. Players may only select a higher difficulty after successfully clearing the one before it. Higher difficulties will result in a higher amount of event currency rewards. 

Enhanced Heroes

The following Heroes receive benefits when used in ‘Visitors from Another World’.

Attack, Health, Defense 50% Increase

Guilty Gear Collaboration Heroes

Attack, Health 30% Increase

Krau, Iseria, Yuna, Ludwig, Falconer Kluri, Cartuja

Additional Artifact Effects

Players equipped with the Artifact, Necro & Undine, while playing through Dizzy’s Story may receive additional “Ribboned Hairbrush”. This effect can only be applied once.

Please note that equipping the 5★ Artifacts, Junkyard Dog, Torn Sleeve or Necro & Undine will not increase the amount of gold collected in the side story, Visitors from Another World.



Event Currency

Sol’s Story

Junkyard Dog /

Torn Sleeve

Shattered Record Fragment

Baiken’s Story

Torn Sleeve /

Necro & Undine

Token for the Chosen

Dizzy’s Story

unkyard Dog /

Necro & Undine

Ribboned Hairbrush

Final Story

Torn Sleeve /

Necro & Undine

Token for the Chosen

Event Currency

Players will receive [Token for the Chosen] from the fourth week chapter, Final Story. The event currency, Token for the Chosen, can be used to enter the Tournament Mode.

Tournament (Hard) Open
More powerful challenges await you in Tournament (Hard). Defeat your opponents and progress to the top spot. Players may participate in the tournament by using “Tokens for the Chosen” obtained by playing [Final Story].

Overcome your enemies and receive amazing rewards!

[How to Enter]

Access the Tournament by going to the Guilty Gear side story section. On the bottom left-hand side, players can tap the [Tournament] button to begin the tutorial.

[How to Progress]

Players should select the NPC they would like to challenge in the tournament bracket.  Please know that in order to advance to the next stage, you must defeat the preceding NPC. Additionally, players cannot challenge an NPC that has already been defeated. Each battle requires the event currency “Tokens for the Chosen” and the cost to battle increases with the difficulty level of the opponent. 

After successfully defeating the NPC in battle, players will receive their reward. 

If a player loses a battle, the event currency “Tokens for the Chosen” will not be consumed and they will be able to attempt the battle again.

Players may participate in Tournament [Hard] during week 4. Players who have not completed Tournament [Normal] will still be able to participate in Tournament [Hard]. 

Get ready for more powerful battles. 

At the end of the side story, Visitors from Another World, both tournament modes will close.  After these modes have closed, players will be unable to enter them again, so be sure to complete all the challenges and claim your rewards before it ends!

After players finish the tournament, they will be able to purchase items using the remaining event currency, Token for the Chosen, from exchange. 

2. Levulin Harbor Quest Improvements

Improvements have been made to the ‘Help Young Villager’ quest in Levulin Harbor, which are required to unlock optional regions.   

Please see below for more details about the adjustments made to the Levulin Harbor Quest. 


- The number of entries required for the Levulin Harbor quest to unlock the optional regions has been reduced to 2.

- Players will be able to proceed to all quests when they enter for the second time. 

- Unlocking only one of the following regions, Gnarled Forest / Rainy Trail / Dark Blood Cave, will unlock all optional regions. 

- Adjustments have been made so that the final reward item, Ring of Memories, is obtained after battle.



Obtained after talking to the NPC, Cynthia

Obtained as the first clear reward after a specific battle

※ Following these changes, players who have already cleared the quest, ‘Help Young Villager’, in Levulin Harbor will obtain an additional final reward item, Ring of Memories, after battle.

3. Other Improvements and Bug Fixes


- Adjustments have been made to the skill description for Juleeve Council’s skill, Spread Disease, in Raid Labyrinth - Royal Capital Azmakalis. However, no functional adjustments have been made.    

- Improvements have been made to the mini map in Raid Labyrinth - Royal Capital Azmakalis. Players can now see the Boss Guide when they touch the Boss Monster’s icon. 


- Improvements have been made so that the lasting effects of blessing items, which can be purchased from the Captain Shop, are applied immediately after they are purchased. 


- Boss Guides have been added to certain floors. 

Side Story 

- Typos have been corrected in certain dialogues in the side story, Visitors from Another World. 

- An issue that caused the Boss icon to disappear when the ‘easy’ difficulty of a stage with various levels of difficulty is cleared.

- An issue that caused the region rewards pop-up to constantly be displayed when players tap on the ‘Go’ button in ‘Reputation’ after checking the region rewards in the side story has been fixed. 

- An option to [Delete Account] has been added
✓ If a player deletes their account, the purchase history, friend list and all other account information on all servers will be reset.
✓ Players will not be able to recover deleted accounts.

Other & UI 

- An issue that caused the number of account buffs to be displayed as 3 when players use ‘Recent Battle’ for their next battle in the world map has been fixed. 

- An issue that caused a line break not to be implemented in chat for long words that have special characters has been fixed. 

- An issue that caused the enhancement level for an artifact that has been max enhanced to be displayed with a ‘/’ has been fixed. This issue occurred when players tapped the back button after enhancing an artifact to the max level.

- An issue that caused the hero in the back row of the enemy’s defense team to be distorted has been fixed. This issue occurred when viewing the enemy’s team in the battle preparation window. 

- An issue that caused a notification to be broadcast even though an artifact has not been enhanced to +30 has been fixed. 

- An issue that caused the icon for Gold and Proof of Courage in the Guild donate window to not be displayed correctly has been fixed.