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ML Luna or ML Mort teaser ? [1]

Spear is too obvious and It's not fit with background at all, also there is no spear in reflection. it's like they put this spear for teasing something.

2024.05.22 12:05
작성 시간 05.21.2024

Nahkwol vs Blink [3]

Hello All Epicers, I was just curious if anyone could shed some light on why Nahkwol will not cooldown Celines' passive skill "Blink" ? I have ran several tests, and even soulburned her skill, but Blink will still be there and ready to go.

2024.05.21 15:57
작성 시간 05.20.2024

Can we get some nerfs for Episode 4 10-10? [4]


2024.05.20 09:54
작성 시간 05.17.2024

Wild Dog Defanging [3]

Fighting these Jenua arena that can 1 versus 3 of your remaining team (rng is still a thing even when you have elem advantage). Any of these set (Att)(Des)(Speed)(2xtor)/(tor) works with enough speed. If you fail to disable him (Stun or sleep) or execute him or beyond the threshold, his passive (20% att & speed) procs. He can catch up to any 240-ish speed unit then, use his 1st ability for increase attack (can be greater attack), kill 1 unit (can still damage any bruiser/tank hero because of the pen), regenerate health, then stealth (wind rider) oh wait there's also extra damage for other heroes, then execute another unit for his next turn yada yada. SUGGESTION/S - HP Threshold to proc S2 from 50% to 30% - CR Push of S2 from 50% to 30% - Penetration rate of S3 from 100% to 80%

2024.05.17 15:30
작성 시간 05.16.2024

If Luna get this small buff, i won't complain ever. [1]

S3 have 100% chance to land def break and ignore effect resistant.

2024.05.16 01:30
작성 시간 05.14.2024

sub rolls probability gem mod request

so ive been farming for a long time and no near a 23 speed piece yet, ive been playing for nearly 3 years now and its always speed rng or gear gap that i end up loosing against either a basic team on arena or rta, i get it its random but i just got a cuadra roll on speed and on reforge i got 17 speed why? because sh*tty rolls, all that hard work and patience for that, im getting tired and honestly im starting to look other games now specially since going slow is not an option anymore since jenua is deleting every character specially water idk how but he does, nikke for example pretty simple gear system and very friendly when it comes summoning, now what can sg do? if we ask to guarantee penta rolls every X amount of gears we max then whales are gonna get 320+ speed units therefore making it impossible to win and a total P2W game, a special currency that allows you to guarantee at least 3 max rolls on the chosen substat not penta so that means you need to be carefull where you use it, g

2024.05.14 19:24
작성 시간 05.13.2024

Arky 7 Day Growth Guide

Arky 7 Day Growth Guide event, still there or no ?

2024.05.13 04:12
작성 시간 05.09.2024

OP Ravi... OP Karina .. We really need Luna buff.

Just give her +50% cri chance on S1 and S3 or always cri, no more of these OP heroes with Candy.

2024.05.09 11:31
작성 시간 05.09.2024

About LP Karin buff [1]

I see a lot of people complaining about Karin now not getting CD down when she kills. Guys, listen. YOU NEED TO READ THE BALANCE PATCH MORE CAREFULLY. Her cd reduction is gone but her S3 cd got buff from 5 turns to 4 turns meaning that you get the same CD than before without the urge to kill something. It is way better now. And for the people who complain about her S3 nor cleansing anymore: if you got debuff turn 1 then you are dead. Her cleanse was pretty much useless. She is part of the cleaver gang. You either outspeed your opponent and win or you get outspeed and lose.

2024.05.09 11:17
작성 시간 05.09.2024

Bruhhh They actively making us suffer on purpose TT [2]

Bruhhh one of the things i liked about the overlord collab is on the web event where you only had tap once and it claims all... and now... We gone back to this shit??? They actively making us suffer on purpose T.T

2024.05.09 10:03
작성 시간 05.09.2024

The S3 anime of new Luna looks so bad.

The actions of the animation are too rigid. It looks like cheap spine animation

2024.05.09 08:56
작성 시간 05.08.2024

Overlord's collab shop after today update

Hi o/, Would want to know if this event completely closes at today's reset, or will be able to exchange event currency tomorrow. Regards.

2024.05.08 21:16
작성 시간 05.08.2024

It's my birthday. [1]

Hey. I'm an Asian Christian otaku who likes epic seven. And it's my birthday today. Thx smilegate for Navy Captain Landy. :)

2024.05.08 19:44
작성 시간 05.07.2024

>Ravi<Luna<Charles< Old school bruiser (no HP sushi) buff in pipe dream

Imagine Luna and Charles is also getting buff in future patch and we will have triangle of bruiser.

2024.05.07 20:27
작성 시간 05.06.2024

RTA arena rewards [2]

Good morning; this is my first post and I would like some help. my doubt would be about the RTA arena, my doubt would be about the rewards given in this game mode, when you reach the Master link, and the event ends, we receive the rewards, in the last one that has just closed, no one would be given Char+Skin? because I didn't receive the character, just the other rewards. I appreciate your attention.

2024.05.06 13:01
작성 시간 05.05.2024

I'm at a loss. [2]

I don't really know what I'm doing wrong, I've not struggled so hard with a stage as Episode 4, 10-10. I just can't seem to beat it no matter what I do. I lack a dedicated one-shot team because I can never seem to pull Iseria, and my gear is always just shy of rolling what it needs to be good. The boss is given such a plethora of unfair debuffs alongside his guaranteed speed, attack, and CR buffs, on top of having 3 combat allies that hit like trucks, the ability to cut your max HP every time he ALSO hits you for 30% of your max HP, AND he can steal buffs, AND the soulburn mechanic doesn't help for the fight at all, since I never really seem to soulburn in time before he kills off someone. This fight is poorly designed, it's poorly implemented, it's not fun, it's not fair, and it desperately needs a rework.

2024.05.05 12:53
작성 시간 05.04.2024

I noticed that epic seven made lots of Japanese anime and game colabs. Nice!

Well done. I wish this game more success. Best 2d gacha game out there. I hope there's more collab in the future.

2024.05.04 00:56
작성 시간 05.03.2024

#Ayuda para recuperar cuenta [2]

Hace tiempo tuve una cuenta de epic seven, lamentablemente por temas ajenos cambie de celular y no pude descargarlo de nuevo hasta hace poco, de igual manera tengo un comprobante de pago que hice con mi anterior cuenta, no se si sea posible poder recuperarla. Gracias, por el tiempo que llevo sin usar la otra cuenta no recuerdo bien el nombre de usuario pero dejo los datos con los que cuento Deathwish Global GPA.3352-2756-9157-82198 omargarnicaaguilar@gmail.com

2024.05.03 19:41
작성 시간 05.02.2024

Rta decay [2]

This is my first time playing rta and I manage to get to master 1620 point on 1d16h timer season end I'm in the safe spot to get the skin ? Since I can't play in the next few days 😔 cuz of work

2024.05.02 17:41
작성 시간 05.01.2024

Some Artifacts buff ideas

INDESTRUCTIBLE GAITERS (Hwayoung) Increases Attack by 10%. If a non-critical hit is made when attacking with a Single Attack, has a 100% chance to burn for 1 turn. Increases Attack by 15%. If a non-critical hit is made when attacking with a Single Attack, has a 100% chance to burn for 1 turn. This +5% ATK may seem little but it make this AF in between Portrait and Uberius Tooth. POS+20% Dmg is good for S3 while Uberius's Tooth is better for S1. Just 5% lower damage on S3 compared with POS while still has some extra damage on S1 (+5% ATK + burn). PURE WHITE TRUST (Zahhak) After using a non-attack skill, increases Speed of the caster for 2 turns and increases the Critical Hit Damage of the next attack by 30.0%. After using a non-attack skill, increases the Critical Hit Damage of the next attack by 30.0% and Critical Hit Chance by 50%. (bypass 100% Cri cap like Zahhak's S1 & S3) Even Zahhak doesn't use his own AF and rare to find offensive warrior with non-attack skill. This AF make Zahha

2024.05.01 09:20
작성 시간 04.30.2024

Overlord collab part 2 [1]

Im a bit confused when i fight the boss in part 2 of the collab he has 2 buffs the stealth and ancient curse. yet when i see gameplay and guides the boss only has 1 buff that grants stealth. What am i missing?? Thanks

2024.04.30 00:11
작성 시간 04.30.2024

Overlord collab part 2 [1]

Im a bit confused when i fight the boss in part 2 of the collab he has 2 buffs the stealth and ancient curse. yet when i see gameplay and guides the boss only has 1 buff that grants stealth. What am i missing?? Thanks

2024.04.30 00:11
작성 시간 04.29.2024

Overlord. The world of epic seven must be very strong for Ainz to be playable? [2]

So I tried power scaling logic. I known that anime and what I understand is Ainz is pay to win/one of the top players, and with very skilled battle strategy. This makes the world of NPC of game he's playing is pathetically easy to bulldoze though, even fairly doable easy to free to play players and we know this. Then the world of his game comes to life, he merged with it, unable to escape and with his and the world's power still intact. He and everyone under him is pretty much unbeatable in that world. I saw some"Npc"s power they're still cool strong and have fancy powers. But they're still nothing against Ainz team. Now that he's in epic seven world, with possible of defeat. This makes the epic seven world far stronger than ygdrassil the world of overlord. Or Ainz gets nerfed in this games perspective?

2024.04.29 10:15
작성 시간 04.27.2024

Ravi buff is so nice, It's also proof awaken potential was bad idea.

because just buff it.

2024.04.27 08:57