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Recrutement de Guilde

[Europe] Lv. 11 / Belian

단원 수19 / 27
랭크 제한46
가입 유형공개(자동가입)
소개Relaxed FR/ENG guild. Basic activity required, active and helpful discord community. Come join us:)

Hello everyone my Franco-English guild we are recruiting I adapt to any native language the guild is very free all we ask is GvGs and being active Apart from that the players are very free to do what they want we accept all types of players as long as they are active there is a server at your disposal and the guild is very nice With a lot of mutual aid the same for the discord server everyone the same for the discord server everyone is kind and benevolent there is mutual aid I hope to have new members in the guild you are all welcome thank you for your understanding

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