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[Europe] Dreamer is recruting

Hello Heirs,

the guild Dreamer on Europe Server is recruting 4 new Members.

What we can offer:

- a nice guild where everyone is welcome

- a Discord Server where we can talk about the game and everything else

- constant guildbuffs

- small guild events (mock battles / small tournaments / discord guild-events)

- we are aiming for top 100 in gvg (best ranking was rank 122 at the end of last season)

- Right now we are at GW Reward x5 (Maximum)

What we like to see:

- guild member who have fun with the game as it is and are also active

- actively playing GvG and also the upcoming Ancient Inherietance

- being Lvl 70

- activity in Discord (not a must have) / Language: English

- even if it needs a rework and is lame, some activity in World Boss weekly (Minimum 4 times a week)

Guild Leader is ReiRimuu

Guild Lvl 20

I hope we can welcome u at Dreamer.

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