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Dreamer searches new Guildies

Hello fellow Heirs!

Dreamer is a lively level 19 guild on Europ Server.

We have active members who just want to have fun and enjoy the game. Some members are really implicated and passionately offer their free time to get the latest news or help other members improve their characters and teams on our discord !

Right now we are searching for active players! Currently 24/30 open!

To join our guild, their are some requirements :

- Arena rank at least Master (preferable challenger rank) 

- Guild wars participation 

- helping each other in guild and donate a bit 

- usage of discord channel 

- being friendly and having fun 

- English is the main language written

Plus of joining our guild :

- always guild buff up for exp and gold 

- a Discord server (easier to talk about team composition, characters, guild war and other stuffs) 

- small guild intern tournaments and mock battles 

- nice guildies who love to chat about many topics

Come join us !

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