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Archdemon‘s Shadow

Hey Guys ☺️

I‘be been waiting for Archdemon‘s Shadow since episode 1 to be a playable hero. I really like the skills and wanted to suggest a sound for her S3. Her S3 (since she was the bossof episode1) could get an update. I suggest a sound that Vatu, in Legend of Korra, used when he was firing a laser out of his torso. I would be really happy if my comment went to the developers and may consider about the sound change. With that being said, I really enjoy this game every day, I can’t complain and might be happy if some people supports my suggest!! ☺️

For those who do not like the hero or the concept, please save your unnecessary comments and enjoy the game, as it is :)

Thank you :)

Source of the picture : https://comicvine.gamespot.com/forums/battles-7/avatar-wan-vs-avatar-korra-1607474/

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