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[Global] Germany/Global Searching for new Member!

Name: Germany 

Server: Global

Level: 20  

Day 1 Guild looking for active motivated Members to restore our former Glory. We are 

mainly casual germans, but every nationality is welcome. At the moment we restructure 

our Guild. Which means many inactive people will get sorted out in order to make space 

for you guys. 

What we offer:  

Guild rewards are usually at x4 

We also got an active discord server I would recommend you to join if you are interested 

Weekly Guild Chest 

Requirements: We expect nothing big from you. It would also be nice if you are active
in Chat/Discord so we can communicate together.
More important is that you are a nice communicative person :)

wanting to improve your heroes. 

If you want to join or have any questions feel free to Message me. 

I will gladly answer your questions.

See you soon!

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