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[Global] Guild recruitment for Yellow

Guild Name: Yellow

Region/Server: Global

Level: 15

Member slots: 26/29 (3 slots open) 

Short introduction: We're a casual guild looking for new members. Our main priority is fun. Our guild name is Yellow, which is pretty neat since yellow is such a cool colour. . . yeah and we're also fun. We speak primarily English since it's easier to communicate with each other.

Why you should join us:

-friendly community, that means as soon as you join us in discord we will insult you for not having ML Ken &Arby :))) (Oh and we'll also insult you for having ML KEN & Arby)

-relative good at guild wars 50/50 win chance...

-When you have questions about E7, we can google it for you!

-We offer buffs and daily energy too!

-We have our own epic yellow discord server

What we're looking for:

-daily log in

-Rank 65 and also at least master rank in arena

-tbh not much, just have a nice time in our guild and discord

If you're interested in joining us, you can either look it up ingame or pm me on discord Phamisan#5299. We'll be looking forward to new members!

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