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[Global] Looking for a new Guild


im looking for a new Guild since my old one (OMEGA WPN) didnt like that i moved semi afk (i did my Guild Wars every week) because i dont have that much time to waste to farm gear. Also the Guild Leader was a big pain in the a... with his plans and sharing info + other stuff.

What you get if you take me in.

- Champion Player

- nearly every Character there is

- Properly geared defenses

- 3x Attack a week

- a nice person who shares his team combs with others and gives clue

What you have to offer:

- not a new Guild 

- at least arround 25 players which are all activ in GW

- the member should be all arround lvl 70 and have at least 9 properly geared units 

- most of you can farm every dungeon with ez

If i meet your wishes feel free to add me and invite me into your Guild.

Name: Divisor 

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