[Guide] How to clear Raid 1-10 easily(Thangvn)

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Hi, i'm Thangvn. Today i write a guide to help you clear Raid from 1 to 10 easily. 

First, you must know what is Raid? 
-Raid is new mode will open after you clear Campaign Normal 3-7

-You must have 2000 Dark Fragments to open new Raid. 
-Whenever you consume Cheese in Campaign, you automatically obtain Dark Fragments with 1: 1 ratio. 
-Sometimes you can get 2000 Dark Fragments from login. 
-You can invite one friend to play (each player with 5 heroes) or play solo (10 heroes). I recommend play with friend because:

+ You still get full reward when you play with friends, only Host lost 2000 Dark Fragments. So you can do it x2 times than you play solo. 
+2 players have 6 Master skills, better than 3 Master Skills if you play solo.

+ Both of you can choose best heroes to play

-Each attack cost 1 sword, you can save maximum 5 swords. Sword will recover one after 2 hours and you can buy 5 more swords by crystals each day (50-75-100-125-150 crystals)

-There are 10 difficults in Raids, higher level raid is harder but drop better reward

After know Raid, you must prepare for clear it:

1.Heroes for Raid: must have Attacker and Supporter, i only choose best heroes, do not list all:

-Attacker: Best is Kali and Ribbit. Addition choice: Horlan, Darea, Gloria, Irea.

 + Mana recover: It's very important for raids, mana recover heroes will help your attacker and MP-consumer heroes use ulti soon. Best is Ribbit and Reina (must have for fastest Raid)

+ CD reduction: It's important, too. Best is Horlan (-40% CD for 3 heroes), Edelyn (-20% CD for 3 heroes), Gloria (-20% CD for 3 heroes).

+ Attack booster: Best is Refud (+ 40% ATK for all heroes when use ultimate). Second is Aureus (+ 40% attack for 3 heroes) .Another r good choice is Edylyn (+ 20% ATK for 3 heroes)

+ Def Reduction: Best is Nepa-Tuum (-40% def) and Rafud (-20% def). Another good choice: Radeath (-20% def), Reina (-20% def)

+ Delaying boss's CD: Best is Herjuna (+ 40% CD) and Leonic (+ 40% CD). Another good choice: Cedrina (+ 80% CD), Horland (+ 20% CD multi times).

+ Prevent Boss's Ultimate: Best is Snow Queen Herjuna (Ultimate deal a massive damage and +1 to boss's MP cost). Another good choice is -MP heroes: Reina (Ultimate -3MP), Satyr (-1 MP), Beel (-1 MP)

+ Healer or HP drain buff: Best is Aureus (+ 40% HP Drain with his Ultimate). Another good choice: Edelyn.

-Recommend CP for each heroes to clear Raid 10 is atleast 35k CP per heroes (Attacker require higher, 55k CP is enough). Low CP mean your heroes may die fast.

After that, i recomend a best team is:

-Attacker: Kali, Ribbit, Darea

-Supporter: Reina, Refud, Snow Queen Herjuna, Edelyn, Horlan, Nepa-Tuum

-Another good choice: Radeath, Beel, Leonic, Cedrina, Cedric. 
My team clear Raid 10 is:

2.Master skill:

-Must have:        
+ Eagle Eye: Faster raid = safe Raid

+ Heal: Use when your HP low and before Boss attack. Remember to use when you got -Healing max.

+ Immue: Use when you got both -Healing and -HP Drain

+ Battle Cry: Use ATK and CD. Best use when your team main attacker> 50% HP like that:

+ Another good choice: -MP if you do not have Reina and Snow Queen Herjuna. + HP Drain if you do not have Refud.


-From Raid 1 to Raid 7: It's easy, just about 30k CP per heroes to clear it.

-Place your main Attacker in same line and buff them first, then other lines.

-From Raid 8 to Raid 10: Boss's ultimate can remove 3 Buff and instant kill your heroes under 50% HP. So you need to prevent boss use Ultimate:

+ First way is -MP by Reina ulti, -MP master skill ...

+ Best way to use Snow Queen Herjuna's Ultimate to +1 MP cost, so boss can not use his ultimate for long time.

+ Another way you need some exprience: If boss has full MP, MP Surge restores HP at the cost 1 MP. So you need slow boss to MP Surge before boss attack. Example: When battle begin, slow boss to level 3 (or 4) will make MP Surge before Boss attack, so boss can not use ultimate:

+ Remember keep your HP> 50% before boss use Ultimate.

-Use Battle Cry when most of your heroes <50% HP, and buff Eagle Eye. With this combo, Ribbit and Kali ultimate can do about 300k damage, Snow Queen Hero can damage total 300-350k damage, Horlan can do 200-250k damage ...

-Damage boss when you use Eagle Eye (except Buffer like Edylyn, Aureus ...)

-Don't focus buff in one line or same heroes, buff all is better.

-Focus use -Def for Radeath, Refud (only use Ultimate when MP full) ... It will make your damage higher.

-If you do it well, boss will die under 30s:

* Video clear it without boss's ulti :)

Good luck everyone, thanks you. If you want to join my group for Raid (about 70 members), contact me:

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