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Sweeper Slurp lvl10 Raid tips with videos (Aspen)

Hello, i'm Aspen. Here's some tips to clear Sweeper Slurp raid lvl 10 with videos.

To kill the boss you need to deal damage and stay alive (easy, isn't it?). 

So we have two objectives: maximazing damage dealt and minimazing damage recieved.

1. Damage output:

Atk party buffs, 100% max

Refud - 40% atk on ultimate for all heroes, needs mana for faster casting
Aureus - 40% atk on s1 for 3*3 heroes
Edelyn - 20% atk on s1 for 3*3 heroes
Akiro - 20% atk at the start of battle for all heroes (51s)

Defense reduction, 80% max
Nepa-Tuum - 40% on s2
Mutant - 20% on s2 and ultimate, with additional mana can cast both in 2 turns
Viper - 20% at the start of battle (43s) and ultimate, needs mana for faster casting
Reina - 20% on passive
Refud - 20% on s1
Obly - 20% on s2
Radeath - 20% on s2
Cedric - 20% on ultimate

Cooldown reduction (=increase atk speed), 100% max
Horlan - 40% on s1 for 3*2 heroes
Gloria - 20% on s1 for 3 heroes (really shines as a dealer, so buff only once)
Edelyn - 20% on s1 for 3*3 heroes

Damage dealers:
Kali - great damage but no utility for this fight
Gloria - great damage, great buff (worth only for main dealers), delays cd
Darae - delays cd
Irea - damage only, weak ultimate

2. Survivability:
Delaying cooldown (=decrease atk speed), 80% max
Riri - 40% on s1 for 7-10s
Herjuna - 40% on s2 for 7-10s
Nepa-Tuum - 40% on s1 for 4.5-9.5s
Corpos - 20% on s1 for 13-20s, 20% on passive at the start of battle for 16s
Rauboo - 20% on s2 for 8-12s
Darae - 20% on s1 for 7-10s
Horlan - 20% on s1 for 7s
Short debuffs (3-7s): Tubalkein, Alkaras, Cedrina, Leonic, Gloria, Reina, Khazad, Demonic Child, Xiros, Irea, Shaharah

Prevenring ultimate/damage, utility heroes:
Increase MP consumption - Akiro, Herjuna, Mayreel
Decrease mana - Sol-Ven-Heim, Reina, Satyr
Increase mana - Reina, Medusa, Ribbit
Mitigating damage - Cedrina's ultimate

You don't need healers for this fight! 

Master skills: 

Eagle Eye (100% Crit Rate) is mandatory. Others are not needed, but for long fights use Insta Heal and Magic Shield for cleansing debuff. Or Abyss Orb for manaburn.

Recommended heroes:
Aureus, Refud, Edelyn/Horlan for buffs. You can get 100% atk and 60% reduced cd if you use all 4 heroes. Line buffs lasts for 20-30 seconds, so you can cast them twice (on 6 heroes) or even thrice (on 9 raiders). Only exception is Horlan, he can cast his buff only on 2 lines.
Nepa-Tuum, Reina, Refud for def penetration. This trio have several roles in raid: Nepa-Tuum also delays cooldown, Reina manipulates mana, Refud gives atk buff.
Herjuna - delaying cooldown, notable damage, preventing ultimate. Can be replaced by Riri+Mayreel for example
3 dealers (Darae/Gloria can delay cd).
10th hero can be anyone - extra dealer, 4th buffer, cooldown reducer, your waifu or husbando.


Group heroes in lines correctly. Like 3 damage dealers in a row, 3 supportive dealers in another one. Buff main line first after Slurp's dispell.
Keep some (or all) ultimates for a second phase, don't rush from the start. The boss is pretty easy in group, using 2 crit masteries really helps.

Here's sample setup. Boss is very easy, he acts only once for the entire fight.

First Video at the end.

Do we need legendaries to clear lvl 10 raid?
Nope. ~400k CP overall is enough. 50-55k CP for main dealers (5-6* rare equipment, 3* runes), 30-35 for supporters (just make sure they don't die).
Horlan is good addition though. You can use Leonic and Radeath for debuffs and some damage, Beelzebub is worthless (no one to kill there, his passive won't work).

Second video at the end.

Don't like groups, can't find anyone, can't communicate with people with ingame chat (no group/private possibilities). Can I clear it solo?
Yes. But it will be harder - no second crit master skill, 10 geared heroes needed instead of 5-7 for group raid.

I have only 2 dealers, so the fight was way longer. Example:

Third video below.

Hope it helps. 

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