1714 TIP for raid mode [1]

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Hi every body . I'm 1714 ingame chaosmaster . U need complete raid mode fast and easy please read my work:
Raid mode 1-7 quite easy
Heroes top choices
Attack: reiden, darea, agnes, gloria, assasin
Buf: horlan, reina, akiro, ảureus, saint
Mage: ribbit, kali
Tank: queen, snow, savior, cedric , predator
Master skill:
 - Eagle eye use when ultimate ready with ad ( darae agnes gloria kali ribbit)
 - remove use when boss skill reduces heal
 - healer use when used remove
in game first buff dame, speed mana with reina , aureus , saint .. when full mana ad use eagle eye ultimate boss . Try kill boss fast .

Raid 8 - 9 - 10 try hard

First: to choose heroes

Needs most: Queen hejuna slow boss and ultimate lock ultima boss
Tank: savior dame reduces attack boss, cedric remove buff , predator reduces defend very good
Attack: no1 is gloria , beeze, darae
Mage: no1 is kali , raedeah reduces def + revive heroes, ribbit buff mana + dame
Buff: no1 is horlan, aureus , saint ( team good)
 Master skill: egle eye , enhanece, abyss orb

Start the game boss full MP need beeze use dark dash reduces MP ( boss can't use utimate remove buff on allies) on 10 second .

- next buff attack and speed by aureus , saint , horlan for ad ( kali, darae, gloria most) and team. Predator reduces boss ( if use )
- Queen use ultimate boss ( boss can't use ultimate remove buff allies)
- Use master skill care ful - well timed
- When boss die it revival incondion reduces def and stun - buff eagle eye, enhchance dame boss
- Predator reduces def boss ( if use )
- Continue use queen utilmate and saint utimate buff
- When boss summon tentacle kill it and boss

- Congturation 👍🏻
- Good luck for all

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    2018.06.01 08:42 (UTC+0)
    Tks for tip it useful ❤️👍🏻

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