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[Known Issue] Mission Event [2]

  • GM Bearcat
  • 2018.05.28 06:06 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 247

Hello Heroes, 

This is GM Bearcat

We are aware of the issues surrounding our first major update and we are working on them now. 

Please see below for more information. 

[Mission Even Known Issue]

■ Mission Event Issue
-The progress of some mission events were reset. 

The cause of the current issue has been identified. Although we cannot change the in-game display for the events,

we will calculate the results and reward the affected players at a later date.

Additionally, in regards to this issue, we will continuously update this post to provide players with up to date information.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and we are doing our best to fix this issue.
Thank you,
GM Bearcat

댓글 2

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    2018.05.28 11:32 (UTC+0)
    Its not fair that some events were Reseted and Some people got it and some people dont. They can claim the reward again??? :(
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    작성자 2018.06.01 05:59 (UTC+0)
    I am very sorry about this. What happened was unfortunate and we apologize for this to everyone. Going forward from here, we will do our best to ensure that this never occurs again.
    GM Bearcat

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