Guide: Magic Tower and how to Conquer it! [2]

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Hi, I'm Thangvn. Today, I write a guide how to Conquer Magic Tower and get this reward.

First, you must know what is Magic Tower? Magic Tower is one of Funtions in game which will be unlocked when you Clear Campaign Normal 3-2. Magic Tower now has 50 Floors, you must clear them to get Gold, Rune, Crystal ... and Magic Tower Token to exchange Rune. Each floor has a random enemy with different magic effects and it will change every week.In Magic tower, you can not use it for each week: Attack> Defense> Magic> Support> Attack (Rotation). Magic tower Rank will reset weekly on Monday 6:00 (GMT +7). Magic Tower Ranking will be decided by the highest floor cleared, if the same floors, faster you clear this floors-higher rank you will get.

The reward is very attractive, and many players will try to get higher rank. And i will help you do it: 
1.Heroes for Magic tower: There are alot Heroes you can use for Magic Tower, but some heroes are very useful and other heroes are not. There are some good heroes for Magic Tower, you can check it out here:
 -Best team each week : 
+ No Attacker: Radeath, Ribbit (Dam dealer) Horlan (Supporter), Leonic, Snow Queen Herjuna (Tanker).

You can replace it by Kali, Irea (Dam dealer), Edylyn, Aureus (Supporter), Cedrina, Snowman, Kunkka (Tanker) ... 
+ No Magic: Horlan, Irea (Dam dealer and Supporter), Beelzebub, Snow Queen Herjuna (Tanker).

You can replace by Darea, Reiden, Akasha (Dam dealer), Snowman, Kunkka, Cedrina (Tanker), Edylyn, Aureus (Supporter) ...

+ No Tanker: Radeath, Horlan, Beelzebub, Ribbit, Kali. 
You can replace it by Iraa, Edylyn, Akasha, Aureus, Darea, Reiden ...

+ No Supporter: Radeath, Beelzebub, Ribbit, Leonic, Snow Queen Herjuna 
You can replace by: Kali, Akasha, Darea, Reiden, Kunkka, Cedrina

2.Master skill:  
-Best Master skill and you must pick it Eagle Eye: make your attack 100% crit  
-Heal is must, too  
-Remove is useful on floors  
Enemy has many buffs -Immune is useful on floors with magic effect stun, slow ... (Harmful effect)

-Battle Cry will help you clear Floors faster  
-Polymorph will help you stop enemy trigger Pre-Death Effect  
-Vampirism, Invicible, MP: i not recommended use it

3.Some hard floors: 
-Floors 39: Magic effect: reduce your heal 66% and enemies go first, your team may be destroyed before can attack. You must: 
+ Pick some heroes boost HP, Def all team or line 
+ Pick heroes can survive after Kunkka 
+ Pick Heal and Battle Cry to counter attack and kill them fast. 
-Floors which effect is all unit will recover full life after another unit dead: 
+ Pick Polymorph and use before they die. 
+ Use AOE attack to kill multiple units in one hit (Radeath ulti is best)

4.Floor 50: Now alot players can clear floors 50, and you need better clear. To do it, you must:     
-Give main Dam Dealer best gear and rune. Best Heroes: Ribbit> Kali> Horlan> Reiden> Darea> Agnes     
-Need some supporter to boost attack. Some good heroes: Reina (buff mana and ATK), Reiden (buff Crit rate and Crit Ratio at the start of battle), Riri (60% ATK when death), Akiro (buff all allies 20% ATK at the start of battle) , Aureus (Buff 40% attack)     
-Pick Polymorph to disable Invicible of Khazad     
-Pick Eagle Eye, Battle Cry to kill boss faster. 
-Put one of your main Dam Dealers in front and one behind Supporter (to take one hit of Horror boss and active Battle Cry).

Like this:

* Process: Each player has different heroes and equip so Fighting can not be the same,

-Only play when boss Vanish your supporter in Front Row (Riri, Akiro ...)

-Buff skill at the begining match, then attack Khazad <50% HP and before it dead, use "Polymorph" and kill it. You will save alot time because Khazad can not use Invicible passive. 
-When your Ultimate is ready, you can use Eagle Eye for maximum damage output 
-Try kill boss before it's summon other units, it will cost you alot time to clear. 
-Retry many times to get the best record   
-View other players team and master to get some exprience

-Good luck every one :)

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    I am sorry for the slow response! The STOVE Community sometimes autoformats posts. This is generally done to help posters but sometimes it can have unwanted side effects.

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