[Tip]Magic Tower F50 ( without Attacker) [2]

Most of the guide to clear Magic Tower this week ( without Attacker) is : not use tanker - to maximize the damage outcome and put a weak Riri in front to get 60% atk buff from her death. These guides will help u get in to top 50th but its requirements are quite high. First must have a Magic class with high single dps like Horlan or Kali (most of top 50 team have Kali ). Second you have to reload the battle many times to get the best result. For those who just want to clear F50 like me without having high DPS and don't care about the time, my guide will help you


  • Master skill: Enhance, Critical , Polymorph
  • Formation: 1 tank (Leonic,Snow man,Kunka or any of your best tank ),1 healer with atk buff ( Aures or Edelyn),3 dps ( Frog is highly recommended in this battle along side with Kali,Snow Queen can be dps too,Irea is also quite good )

2.How to battle: there is no any fixed rotation when applying to real battle, just keep in mind these below rules:

  • Take down Khazad's HP to below 50% as soon as possible to use Polymorph then finish him
  • Frog's turn:  Skill 1 is the highest priority when the boss got buffs, otherwise use MP skill on him or Snow Queen to ensure they are always ready to use Ulti
  • If you put Aures or Edelyn in front like me, make sure the tank is disable instead of them, or you have to reload the battle.
  • Tank: put debuff on the boss
  • Aures or Edelyn's turn: use atk buff on DPS. Use ulti to recover if the team's HP is in danger
  • DPS: use Critical master skill when their ulti is ready
  • When the boss summon 2th wave , dont hesitate to use any AOE skill that you have - to kill the mob ASAP
  • For Enhance master skill: save it until killing all mob at 2nd wave and at least 2 heroes got below 50% HP
  • Finally, use all what you have to take down the boss before he summons 3rd wave

You can watch my record for reference to get your own strategy

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    2018.05.26 15:55 (UTC+0)
    Thanks for sharing! How much $$$ have you spent on this game? just want to measure my progress as a free player
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    작성자 2018.05.26 23:21 (UTC+0)
    @LC3 only 10$ for the monthly subscription :)

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