Tip Event - Magic Tower - [Aevry]

  • Aevry[tylerag11]
  • 2018.05.20 22:30 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 111

Here are the methods that I use to achieve less than 1 minute clears on floor 50; 

1. If you have access to them, bring Reiden or Tyria (front row). They will prevent the inital vanish from hitting your units 

2. To shave off a substantial amount of time on your clear, bring Khazad to less than 50% HP and polymorph him prior to the kill. It will negate his passive skill. 

3. You are better off bringing more DPS tanks to fight with - priority to cooldown manipulating units and buff for additional turns. 

4. If your DPS units are not very strong, bring the master skills of Critical, Immunity, and Polymorph. The immunity will prevent your front line from being vanished during the Bloodiator summon. 

5. Boss 3, Eclid, can have his ultimate skill canceled with a unit that has a skill effect of "Cancel Casting".

6. Pressing on the leaderboard rankings for the tower, then the player's picture will show you what team they used to clear the stage, as well as what equipment and skill rank they have on their units.

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