Ign: TheLimz , Floor 50 M.Tower Tips

-Bring polymorph scroll or frog prince or Demonic child to use it before u kill khazad, it's recommended to bring Frog prince since he can remove buffs too.

-Others 2 Master skills should be Enchance and Critical, Offense is good defense, better kill him faster before he summoned Elcid!

-Make sure to bring the tanky units on frontline, it does not have to be defender type, as long as u think it can handle the damage from Horland.

-Backrow should be your best dps, healing will be unnecessary since we will just pray for our units below 50% hp to use enchance skill.

-At first, Horlan mostly will do buffs to himself or Khazad, if he buffs Khazad, then you have to transform or kill him before attack.

-If all of your units still survive and some of your backrow units below 50% hp with full MP, use critical + enchance and go wild! 

-Horlen will summon 4 minions with radeath's passive which is really annoying because it will make our frontline units banished too, it's better to kill the front minions fast to make sure u can remove horlane ultimate skill buffs with frog prince or you can bring master skill remove buffs, but the battle before you reach this far will be harder.

-This is where he suppose to kill him before he summoned Elcid, as Elcid does instantly does ultimate skill when he appeared, it will be hard to deal with the casting.

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