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Time RIft Event (beat all stage 6, step by step)

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  • 2018.05.12 14:02 (UTC+0)
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UNDER CONSTRUCTION, yeti dungeon placed until i can beat it.

Hello this is my new post with a more complete guide step by step for beat all the 6 stage of Rift.

Before Start let's see what heros you need and how many upgrades etc...


Arcanist Irea                            Fallen Knight ElCid

Volcano Elementalist Kali       Queen Herjuna / Sol-Ven-Heim the ghost armor

Sharpshooter Darae

  • You will need the hero Sol-Ven-Heim the ghost armor for LAVA GIANT DUNGEON.

Minimum Requeriments of the heros

  • Required CP -----> 105k to 109k it's what i have when doing this guide
  • 6 stars  ------------> ElCid / Kali / Darae (the other heros can be 5 stars)
  • Transceded +1 --> ElCid / Darae / Arcanist Irea / Sol-Ven-Heim
  • Upgrade +2 ------> All 5 Heros but Sol-Ven-Heim (he can be +1)
  • Equipment -------> All equipment with 3 stars (weapons at level 8-10) or 4 stars (weapons at level 5), armors with 4 stars (level 1 at least 1 part need to be level 5) or with 3 stars (at level 5 both parts)
  • Runes -------------> In Kali, Darae and ElCid the best + Attack damage % posible you have (i have +10% to +15% on each in total). The rest of hero you can add some attack, life etc... not really powerfull runes, even +1-+2 rune it's enough.
  • Skills level --------> All at level 6 (Sol-Ven-Heim can be level 1)
  • Level of Heros --> Max level for all (at the moment of do this guide i have level 20 in Arcanist Irea, level 28 on ElCid + Darae and level 30 on Kali and Queen Herjuna and Sol-Ven-Heim)


Master Skills Needed

  • Enhance
  • Heal
  • Remove or Critical (if you use Critical, use this master skill the first time the boss lose the Stealth State)

Step by Step Guide

1º Turn

-You get hit with a bad Skill just at start of the dungeon.

-Use all master Skills   Enhance --> Heal --> Remove.

-Stealth with Darae and attack with all the other heros, Use enhance with ElCid.

2º Turn

-Stealth again with Darae.

-Heal with Queen Herjuna the Backline (Darae, Kali, Arcanist irua).

-Attack with the other heros.

3º Turn

-The boss will summon 2 Hell Bats.

-Use ultimate skill of Darae on one Bat.

-Use all the other ultimate skills for Kill the bats until they are death, if they are death just use on the boss, BUT use the ultima skill of Arcanist Irea on Volcano Elementalist Kali.

-FINISH YOU KILLED IT, if he is still with some more life, just continue attacking him but if you have the same Minimum Requeriments i said in this guide, the boss should die in this turn.


Master Skills Needed

  • Heal or Enhance
  • Immune
  • Vampirism

Step by Step Guide

1º Turn

-Use Stealth with Darae

-Hydra boss will use an Skill with some DOT damage and some bad debuffs

-Use Immune master Skill

-Use Crater Ambush Skill from Kali

-Use Lighting Shock Skill from Arcanist Irea

-Use the Heal Skill from Queen Herjuna to heal the Backline (Kali, Darae, Arcanist Irea)

-Use Enhance Skill from ElCid

2º Turn

-Use Attack Skill from Darae

-Hydra boss attack with a debuff of MP comsuption

-Use Vampirism Master Skill

-Repeat same cicle of attack of 1º turn BUT this time attack with ElCid and Queen Herjuna (Darae will get another turn here, use Stealth skill this time)

3º Turn

-Attack with Darae and Kali (use Crater Ambush)

-Now use the Skill of Arcanist Irea (Arcane Blast)

-Hydra boss will attack (depending on the luck during the game, Queen herjuna can die from this attack, if she die it's better we don't need she anymore but her buff for die it's very good, so the luck here is to lose that unit)

-Use Ultimate Skill from ElCid

4º Turn

-Use ultimate Skill from Darae

-Both Skill of Darae and ElCid will pop up all the time until Volcano Kali turn (at this point Hydra boss have like 60-80k life left)

-Use ultimate Skill from Kali

-The enemie poison cloud skill will be triggered now

-Now we have 2 choices, if Queen Herjuna is still alive then use the ultimate Skill of Arcanist Irea on she, if she is death then use it on ElCid

-Now Hydra Boss will use an strongh Skill with debuffs (all your hero are almost death)

-Use Master Skill Heal or Enhance (depending on what skill you choiced)

-Use ultimate Skill of Queen Herjuna (if she is still alive, if she is death then wait for Darae turn)

5º Turn

-Use Stealth skill from Darae

-Use Crater Ambush from Kali

-FINISH YOU KILLED IT, if the boss still have more life, just continue attacking with all you got.



Master Skills Needed

Step by Step Guide


Master Skills Needed

  • Enhance
  • Critical
  • Heal

Step by Step Guide

In this dungeon you need to switch Queen Herjuna for Sol-Ven-Heim

1º Turn

-Stealth with Darae

-Crater Ambush with Kali

-The boss attack with a soft attack (no problem here if very soft)

-Lightning Shock with Arcanist Irea

-Enhance with ElCid

-Cleave skill of Sol-Ven-Heim (the cancel casting skill)

2º Turn

-Attack with Darae

-Crater Ambush with Kali

-Lightning Shock with Arcanist Irea

-Now the boss will use a powerfull attack (all your units with less than 50% life, if any unit it's killed because a lot of critics restart the dungeon)

-Use Enhance + Critical + Heal master skills

-Ultima skill of Darae

-Ultima skill of ElCid

-Attack with Cleave again of Sol-Ven-Heim (this is so important to follow, don't use ultima skill)

3º Turn

-here can happen a few things, depending on cooldown debuff, if kali isn't the first to attack after all the "auto" ultima skills attacks of ElCid and Darae then look the turn bar (in the upper zone) and watch if she will attack before the boss, if not, then restart the dungeon.

-Ultima Skill of Kali

-FINISHED YOU KILLED IT, (well if you have the minimum requeriments i told at the start)

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