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Time Rift Tip Event - Easy clear Yeti 6 Stage

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  • 2018.05.06 16:26 (UTC+0)
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Hi, I'm Conchym, i will guide you to easy clear Yeti 6 Stage.

- The first you need to know the boss mechanic, when boss use skill, all the guide in the game, please see the picture. 

But the game does not recommend when begin the battle, you must down the Yeti hp below 50%, if not, Yeti will kill all your heroes. This is important, remember this.

- After reading the mechanics of boss, you will choose Master skill and Heroes. The game recommends 3 master skills, but the Dispel staff seem useless. I think so. 

    - You need choice Eagle Eye 

(it will help you down the boss hp below 50% easy)


   - Instant Heal / Bloodlus 

 (help you recovery hp easy, choice one or all)

   - Battle Cry 

   (End the boss)

- The next you will choice heroes. There are 2 heroes important as game recommend is 

Yes, it will help you with so much clear boss, healing and buff defend / block and debuff cooldown skill. If you do not have 2 this heroes I recommend you to use one of the best tanks, best buff heal , and the best damage dealer, you own.

- After choice Master skills and Heroes, we will begin the Battle:

   - Use Eagle Eye, and do boss hp below 50%.

   - Yeti will angry and will use Harsh Blizzard skill. Do not worry, use Heal / Wam to recovery heal. Continue hits to out of heal and Yeti will recover about 50-60% heal. Use heroes skill to buff defend / block, debuff cooldown to Yeti and damage Yeti.

   - After last turn, Yeti will be hp below 50% or a little higher. Yeti will use absorb heal skill. Do not worry, use battle Cry Master skill and use buff recovery heal heroes skill. Kept going to use the highest damage skill and we will Victory.


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