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Time Rift Guide-Lava Giant Level 6

My team:

Leonic the Savior-removes all buffs from enemies

Volcano Elemental Kali-Main Damage Dealer

Dancer Reiden-Main Damage Dealer

Magician Tyria- Prevents Boiling Ground from damaging and lowering the ATK of Main Damage Dealers + Heal Leonic

Stonecold the Snowman who does not really serve any purpose

Master skills:

Critical Eye

Abyss Orb

Remove Dispel Staff

What to do:

At the beginning of the stage, cast Abyss Orb and Critical Eye. Abyss Orb will cause the Giant to cast his Lava minions instead of his ultimate. Critical Eye is burst to the Giant down. Always Target the Giant instead of the two minions at his side.

Once the Giant casts his minions, cast off the Dispel Staff and then focus on the two minions before the Giant again. 

Before the Giant dies, Ensure that the Tyrian casts Heal on the Leonic as he dies, he will deal massive damage to everyone. As long as a single member survives, you win. 

Snowman-> Kunkka the Bison Spirit 
Leonic-> Arcanist Irene 
Kali-> Sharpshooter Darae 
Reiden-> Chief Commander Agnes

Tyria-> Demonic Lord Lucifer

Good luck!

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