[Guide Time Rift] How to clear Yeti level 6

  • Thangvn
  • 2018.05.04 05:59 (UTC+0)
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Hi, i'm Thangvn. Today i give you some tips to clear Yeti's Time Rift- the hardest Time Rift.

1.first, you Must Know About Yeti BOSS: 
  + It has sheild Beginning in the CAN block

  + It will kill all your heroes in the first time release if your HP over 50 percentage

  + Yeti the Delay Your cooldown  
  + Yeti Decrease his cooldown and the Drain All Your MP after 60 s

2.Pick Heroes to counter him: 
  -Best heroes is Guaridan Knight Cedrina: she has high Def. Rate and best slow ability which can slow boss 80% (level 4/4 of slow). You just spam skill 2 to slow Yeti and take turn for our heroes.

-One Support can heal and buff Attack like Saint Edelyn, Aureus the Affluent ...

-One single dam dealer, best is Darea

3. Stragety: 
  -You must pick Eagle Eye to buff Critical Rate 100%, and use it after buff all heroes skill deal damage to Yeti's HP under 50%

-Pick Battle Cry to clear him fast, or just play safe with 2 of 3: Immunity, Vampire, Remove. You can pick Arcanis Iaa for Debuff Yeti's buff and do not need Remove spell.

-Then heal to keep your HP.

-You can Revive one time, but do not afraid about it, after about 30 s, he can not block Non-Crit attack.

-Just deal damage and kill him!

Thanks you for reading! Good luck!

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