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Upgrade, Evolve and Transcend Guide

  • GM Bearcat
  • 2018.04.25 13:49 (UTC+0)
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This is GM Bearcat. Today will be a longer post, but you’ll learn how to upgrade, evolve and transcend your heroes!

In order to upgrade, evolve or transcend your heroes, you’ll need to see your heroes specifically! To do this, you should tap 

the Hero button on the main lobby. Once you’re there, you should click on the Hero you would like to upgrade, evolve or 

transcend. I will show you how to upgrade your heroes first!

 1. Upgrade
-Once you have selected the hero you’ve chosen to upgrade, you will need to tap the “upgrade” button.

In order to upgrade a hero, you will need “upgrade material”.

-Players will need 1 of each upgrade material in order to complete the process.

-Each upgrade will increase the Hero’s HP and Attack.

-There are 4 upgrade levels for each upgrade material. In order to complete the last upgrade level, players will 

need 5, 4 star upgrade material for each type.

-Upgrade material can be found in the Jungle as well as in campaign mode.


-Heroes can increase their evolve level with Evo Gems.

-Only Heroes who are level 30 can be evolved.

-After heroes increase their evolve level by 1 star, their HP and Attack are increased. They will also become Level 1 at the next

evolve level.
 -There are 4 levels for each Evo Gem. In order to complete the last upgrade level, players will 

need 5, 4 star Evo Gems of each type.

-Players can receive Evo Gems at the Time Rift and in the Campaign.


-Heroes that share the same name can be used as transcend material, which will make the hero much more powerful!

-Heroes can be transcended up to level 5

-According to the Material Hero's Evolve Level, the amount of transcendence exp will be applied. So the higher the Evolve 

level, the more transcendence exp that will be used!

-The first level of transcendence can be used with 4 star heroes.

 This was a long guide! If you have any questions, please ask us!

 Good luck!

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