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Bug Report Reward [354]

  • GM Bearcat
  • 2018.04.25 13:06 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 6280

 This is GM Bearcat.

 We hate them, but sometimes bugs occur in games. If you happen to find a bug in ChaosMasters, we want to know! 

Be the first to report a bug and we'll reward you! Check below for more details.

[Bug Report]
 ■ Date
-4/26 ~ Until further notice
 ■ Details
-If you find a bug in ChaosMasters, you can report it to the official Bug Report Board or send us a 1:1 message through the game. 

-If you're the first to report this bug, you'll receive a reward!
 ■ Reward
-100 Cheese and 100 Crystal
 ■ Reward Date
-Rewards will be sent out every Monday. (UTC +00:00)
 ※ Notice
 -Rewards will be sent to your in game mailbox.

-Only the person who first reported the bug will receive a reward.

-The more severe the bug, the greater the reward.

Thank you!

댓글 354

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    2018.12.16 05:26 (UTC+0)
    Hey i got bug that i bought a levelling package diamond but i didnt receive the diamond please help me, i've spent a lot of money for this :')
  • images
    2018.12.12 00:43 (UTC+0)
    So good 
  • images
    2018.12.12 06:07 (UTC+0)
    Freezing alot, I have to turn off and restart 
  • images
    2018.04.27 08:30 (UTC+0)
    My game language all korean , help ! How to changee to english ??
  • images
    2018.04.27 09:56 (UTC+0)
    Right after creating character name ,im stuck at infinite sky loading screen and cant login...
  • images
    2018.04.27 12:57 (UTC+0)
    In Castle Siege, we are unable to designate the path we want to take.
  • images
    2018.04.27 13:36 (UTC+0)
    Mohon bantuannya
  • images
    2018.04.27 16:53 (UTC+0)
    Normal 3.4 does not drop a single 3* boots even after 100 runs
  • images
    2018.04.27 16:56 (UTC+0)
    The game won't connect to server and will be in an infinite loading screen the monent you open up the game.
  • images
    2018.04.27 17:38 (UTC+0)
    I don't get First purchase reward(set 4* equip) after purchase Level up Package and Monthy III pack (Both cost 30$)
    My IGN:Thangvn
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    작성자 2018.04.28 01:42 (UTC+0)
    Thank you for reporting all these issues! We will go over these issues and cross check with reports from our in-game inquiry system, our Facebook page and our Chinese and Japanese STOVE Community page to determine who should receive the prize.

    Also, for any player that would need immediate assistance, such as Skyee and Freedomskyvn, please message us at and we will do our best to help you.

    Additionally, users can also post their issues directly to this part of the STOVE Community.

    Thank you,
    GM Bearcat
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    2018.04.28 19:44 (UTC+0)
    Didn't get the equipment reward for first in-app purchase. I purchased monthly subscription. Please fix it.
  • images
    2018.04.29 03:27 (UTC+0)
    In pvp when i cant connect to game "there are problems occurred in game" or something like that i cant play pvp but the screen still play while I can't do anything at all then lost very very annoying plz fix it soon
  • ic-caution

    작성자에 의해 삭제된 댓글입니다.

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    작성자 2018.04.30 00:39 (UTC+0)
    Hello Cookie and LynGG.
    In regards to your purchase Cookie, can you please send a message to use at with your in game name and STOVE number? This is just for verification purposes. That way we can check on your issue and hopefully fix it right away!

    @LynGG Which mode exactly is giving you the issue? Additionally which device are you on as well as OS? Please send this information to

    I am sorry for these problems and will do my best to fix them.

    Thank you,
    GM Bearcat
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    2018.04.30 01:17 (UTC+0)
    Skill passive of Queen Haruna is wrong description: It's increase 60% Def rate, not Decrease 60% Def rate for team.
    My IGN:Thangvn
  • images
    2018.04.30 03:07 (UTC+0)
    Google Play Games Achievements did not sync with this game. Also, cannot open the Google Play Games in-game

    IGN: Jimaee
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    작성자 2018.05.01 04:32 (UTC+0)
    We would like to thank everyone for their bug reports. Starting now, we will no longer give rewards for bug reports in this thread. In order to keep everything organized, we will request that players submit their bugs to the Bug Report Forum. The players who are the first to report an issue on the Bug Report Forum will still receive their reward. I have linked this forum in the main post and you can also find this section on the right hand side under the "Service Center" title. 

    Thank you,
    GM Bearcat
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    2018.05.01 09:47 (UTC+0)
    Receiving rewards from achievements sometimes gives an error that it is still not received yet.

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