Maintenance Updates

22nd Major Update

  • GM Bearcat
  • 2020.03.25 06:12 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 71

Hello Heroes!
This is GM Bearcat.

Please see below for the update content scheduled to be implemented with the update on 3/26!


1. Charming Commander S has arrived!
Tap Here For More Information 


a. This new hero will be added to the Summons Selection list and Combination list.

b. This new hero will be added to the Catalog.

c. This new hero will be added to the Jungle Bonus Map, Old Armory

d. This new hero will be added to the Coliseum.

e. This new hero will be available for Hero Selector Tickets/Regular Summons.


2. Additional improvements and bug fixes

1. The Master Level reward has been changed so that it can be viewed and accepted in the main lobby.


- The Master Level reward will display on the Main Lobby Screen next to the Campaign.

- Tapping the Master Level Reward will cause a pop-up to display.

- If a reward is available, players can tap the “Get Reward” button to collect the available reward. 

- If you have already accepted your reward, you will be able to see the reward available at the next level.

2. Reserved Battle / Continuous Battle tutorial will be added.

- After clearing [Campaign 3-1] Easy for the first time, the ‘Retry” button will display, which will prompt the tutorial.

In the Special Quest window, arrow buttons have been added allowing you to more easily see future quests.

- An issue where in the Craft System, when scrolling past the runes, the scroll function would not continue will be fixed. 

- An issue with the New Masters Support event where, the equipment received did not display as intended will be fixed.
* Players who experienced this problem will be compensated for this issue in sequential order after 3/27.



Thank you!


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