[Closed] New Hero Release Celebration Summon(Edited) [2]

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  • 2019.12.19 01:16 (UTC+0)
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Hello Heroes.

This is GM Bearcat!


Complete the missions to receive a wonderful reward!
 Please see below for more information!


[New Hero Release Celebration Summon Event]

■ Schedule: 12/19 after the update ~ 2020/1/6 23:59 (UTC+0)


■ Event Details: During the event period, the New Hero Release Celebration Summon Event will be activated.

- After summoning 100 Heroes 5 times, players will be able to receive the new Rare Hero, Tricky.

- Players will be able to continuously receive the mission rewards upon completion.



※ Notice

- Main Lobby> Tap Mission Event> Tap “New Hero Release Celebration Summon Event”.

- Players can only receive rewards during the event period.

- Only Heroes that increase the summon count will be eligible for this event. 



Thank you!

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    2019.12.19 05:34 (UTC+0)

    Nothing to see yet

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    2019.12.19 07:55 (UTC+0)

    I logged in around 5 hours after update maintenance completed and didnt receive this event window. After i summon so many pulls, the event suddenly appear out of no where but my previous summon pulls are not recorded at all. Could you please look into this matter? Thanks.

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