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Maintenance Updates

17th Major Update

  • GM Bearcat
  • 2019.10.28 06:32 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 405

Hello Heroes
This is GM Bearcat!
Please see below for more information about this update!

1. The new hero, Guardian Tersia has arrived!

Tap Here For More Details!

a. This new hero will be included in all paid packages that include hero selections.

b. This new hero has been added to the Catalog.

c. This new hero has been added to the Coliseum.

d. This new hero has been added to the “Specialized Hero’ section for Jungle expeditions.

e. The new hero has been added to the Summon Selection list and Combination List.

2. The Magic Tower has been increased to 90 Floors!

a. Face the challenge and reach the highest floor!


3. The Epic Equipment ‘Broaken’s Equipment Set’ will be adjusted to become stronger.

a. Please view the table below to see changes.


Options Before

Options Added

Broaken's Enchanted Sword

 HP Drain Rate +5%

Attack +720
 HP Drain Rate +3%
 Block Rate +3%
 Defense Rate +3%
 Crit Rate +3%

Broaken's Armor

HP +5432
 Direct Hit Rate +5%

HP +5432
 Direct Hit Rate +3%
 Block Ratio +3%
 Crit Ratio +3%

Broaken's Sandals

Reduce Cooldown +13.3%
 Defense Rate +5%

Reduce Cooldown +13%
 Block Rate +3%
 Crit Rate +3%
 Defense Rate +3%

[Legendary Hero]
 Two Equipment Equipped Effect

HP +7261, Attack +1063

HP +7261, Attack+1063
 At the end of the action, 

recovers 1 MP

[Legendary Hero]
 Three Equipment Equipped Effect

Stun an enemy who is capable of a single target attack(Random) for 5s, 

If there aren't any targets suitable, becomes invincible for 5s

No Change

4. New features have been added to the Change Option UI window.

a. An option has been added to be able to repeatedly change your Equipment options in order to find an S grade option.

b. Tap and hold the Change button to change the stats of the equipment. 

c. If one or more of the options is S grade, then the repeat function will stop.

d. Players will be unable to repeat this process if they do not have enough Crystals.

- Players can see the results after each iteration.

- The announcement window will provide detailed information regarding the changed values.

5. Continuous Ad Button has been added.

When selecting this option, players will be able to continuously view the ad to the maximum limit.

6. Additional improvements

a. The title screen/Arena/Coliseum background will change to a winter image.

b. The Hero’s tooltip has been improved to provide additional details, which were not displayed previously.

c. The tooltip in-game will now display the Heroes level.

d. An issue where swimsuit costumes could not be seen in the costume shop has been fixed.

e. The issue where the New Masters event banner did not display as intended has been fixed.

f. The BONUS TIME banner design has been changed. 

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