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coco mary shapina magenda arena [1]

hello developers. just a friendly reminder that arena isnt fun because of the off balanced cheesey team. theres no point in developing the game further or creating new heros. i guess some people like copying other peoples teams so they can all look the same. do you people play your own game? arena is no fun.  again - please fix?

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    2020.04.12 16:35 (UTC+0)

    Yeah at least they should reduce mary cooldown a bit. There is no much point having rewards only for top 100 players that most uses the same team and have been playing the game for a long time to have them full. I have mary and i dont use her i think its a cowards no strategy mind people character,yeah you cant neutralice her with contain passive bcause generally moves first bcause it have lower cooldown that characters that can do that and kills your front row before you can even move. Also think contain passive skills should work the same even if they are in inmune state then they will have to retouch their teams fast. But for start reduce mary cooldown at least 1 second, so we move first and dispell their akiro speed

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