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[Known Issues] 13th Major Update [1]

  • GM Bearcat
  • 2019.07.02 08:57 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 194

Hello Heroes,

This is GM Bearcat

Following the 13th Major Update, we became aware of the following issues in game.

1. An issue has been discovered where, if a player views all of the "Bonus Item" ads in the lobby, they will be unable to view ads during Reserved Battles.

- If a player has at least 1 remaining advertisement on the Bonus Item ad in the main lobby, then they should be able to view the ads for the Reserved Battles.

- We are working on fixing this issue and it is scheduled to be implemented in the next update.

2. An issue has been discovered in Episode, where the CP displayed does not match the CP of your team.
- We are working on fixing this issue.

We apologize for any inconvenience that these issues may have caused you and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

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  • images
    2019.07.06 12:32 (UTC+0)

    will be providing the "dont procrastinate" prize, since the battle ads issue was never addressed?

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