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Maintenance Updates

13th Major Update

  • GM Bearcat
  • 2019.06.24 01:51 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 1026

Hello Heroes,
This is GM Bearcat and I am excited to bring you the 13th Major Update for ChaosMasters!

1. The new legendary hero, Guardian Ines has arrived!

  1. Added the new hero to the catalog.
  2. ‘Added the new hero to the summon selection list and combination list. 
  3. Added the new hero to the “Specialized Hero” section for Jungle Expeditions.
  4. This hero has been added to the Coliseum. 
  5. This hero will now be included in all paid packages that include hero selections.

2. Kunkka and Reina will have Episode and Challenges added!
A. Episode

B. Challenge

3. Exclusive Hero Equipment has been added to Episode/Challenge for Kunkka and Reina.

A. Exclusive Equipment - Kunkka

B. Exclusive Equipment - Reina

4. Coliseum rules have improved.

i) Matching Rules 

  • Players will be matched against opponents of a similar level
  • If there are no players of a similar ranking, the system will then slightly higher or lower to find an opponent. 
  • If the system cannot find an adequate opponent, then you will be placed in an AI practice battle. (The victory counter will not increase and you will receive a reward)

ii) The number of Coliseum entries is limited to 1 per day

iii) The entry time for Coliseum has been reduced .(4AM, 4PM)

iv) The time remaining to participate in the Coliseum will also be displayed.

v) AI Practice – Reward Information

  1. There is no reward for practice battles initiated by the player. Players may only receive rewards if the battles was initiated due to an inability to find a real opponent.( Possible only when the Real-time opponent search option is turned off) 
  2. Victory Reward → 10 Crystal, 10 Cheese
  3. Defeat → No Reward

5. Players can watch an ad to reduce the time remaining when participating in Reserved Battles.

i) Available Areas: Campaign Mode – Reserved Battle (Episode Excluded/Hard/Hell Difficulty Excluded,)

ii) The number of rewards is limited to 5.

  • Players may only reduce the time 3 times a day (Players may view all 3 ads consecutively)

iii) Players may reduce the time by 1/2

  • The time will be reduced based on when the ad was originally viewed.

Available Areas

Time Reduced Per Ad


Half the time remaining when viewed

6. Additional Improvements & Bug Fixes

  1. An improvement has been made so that players may select the premium summon tab first even if there is a free summon available.
  2. Cheese will be a possible reward when viewing ads if the player is low on Cheese.
  3. An improvement has been made so that players will be able to view ads in more locations now. 
  4. Equipment specific conditions have been added to the equipment tooltip section.

Thank you!

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