[Closed] New Hero Release Celebration Summon

  • GM Bearcat
  • 2019.06.24 01:53 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 1763

Hello Heroes!
This is GM Bearcat.
What better way is there to celebrate a new hero than with a release summon event!
Take a look down below for more information!

[New Hero Release Celebration Summon Event Information!]

■ Event Schedule: 

- Global: After the 6/25 Update ~ before the next update 

■ Event Details: Complete the missions below for the chance to receive the new hero, Ines!


※ Notice

- Main Lobby> Tap Mission Event> Tap “New Hero Release Celebration Summon Event”.

- Players can only receive rewards during the event period.

- Only heroes that increase the summon count will be eligible for this event. 

Thank you!

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