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5/29 Temporary Maintenance

  • GM Bearcat
  • 2019.05.29 10:07 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 1088

Hello Heroes,
After the update on May 28th, ChaosMasters experienced issues that effected game play. In order to fix these issues, we will be having a temporary maintenance.
Please see below for more details.

[5/30 Temporary Maintenance Information]

- Global: 5/29 23:00~ 5/30 00:00 (UTC +0)

Maintenance Details: Bug Fixes

- After the update on May 28th, the point calculation for players that participated in Guild Conquest was not behaving as intended and will be fixed.

ㄴThe Guild War period from 5/27 ~ 6/2 will be annulled and all players who participated will receive a the victory reward.

   ㄴCompensation will be given to all players who participated prior to the temporary maintenance period.

   ㄴThe reward criteria are based on the win/loss of the guild. The highest compensation will be paid based on the guild rating and contribution before the update on May 28th and a maximum of 150,000 points for occupation.

ㄴAll Guild members who participated in the Guild War will be paid compensation, but different levels will be paid according to the guild level as stated previously.

   ㄴThe compensation for this issue will be delivered to players via their in-game mailbox after the maintenance period, but not before the original ending date of June 2nd.

   ㄴIf a player attempts to participate after the temporary maintenance period, a message will display once stating that there is no information available.

   ㄴ  From March 27th ~ June 2nd, it will appear that there is a Guild War in progress when that is not actually true.

ㄴThe weekly point calculation for this week will not be applied.

  - In regards to the 2-person raid, the priority has been modified for the lead to receive the reward.

  - In certain situation, some players experienced an error message after using the premium summon tab. In these situations, Diamonds were deducted, but heroes were not summoned.

ㄴ In situations where players experienced these issues, we will be returning the Diamonds spent to the players who experienced this issue. 

* An issue where the Hero, Hell Clutch does not appear in the catalog will be corrected in the July Update.

We thank you for your patience and understanding!

GM Bearcat

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