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9th Update Information

  • GM Bearcat
  • 2019.02.26 08:00 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 480


This is GM Bearcat

I want to thank you for joining ChaosMasters for our 9th Update!

1. The new heroes Student President Silk and Death Knight Dullahan have arrived!

Added the new heroes to the catalog.

Added the new heroes so that they can be summoned and combined.

Added these heroes to the “Specialized Hero” section for Jungle Expeditions.

- Silk has been added to “Old Library Map” section for Jungle Expeditions.

- Dullahan has been added to “Old Defense Tower Map” section for Jungle Expeditions.

d. These heroes have been added to the Coliseum.

2. Players can view all items in the Costume Shop now.

- Items that are not for sale will become visible.

- Players will now be able to see costumes that will be sold in the future as well before they are available for purchase.

- If the costume is not currently for sale, a message will display alerting you to this.

3. It is now easier to see how much you have spent upgrading your Castle Siege Guarding Weapon.

4. The reward information for Hero Journal Day 5 has been fixed.

Equipment Summon Ticket x3 --> Equipment & Accessory Summon Ticket x3

5. Additional rewards have been added to Hero Journal II

The following conditions that must be completed to complete Hero Journal II are as follows:

Conditions : Log in the day after completing these conditions to receive the reward.

- 15 Days from the day that you registered your account.

- Complete Hero Journal I

- Complete Campaign 2-7 on Hard

The log in rewards are as follows:

The daily quest rewards are as follows.

6. Other Bug Fixes

The probability of receiving certain items from the Random Shop’s ‘Lucky Material Chest’ has been changed.


The issue where players could not see the next stat level for Castle Siege has been fixed.


The issue where if there is a large amount of reward items that players could not scroll properly has been fixed.


Players who cannot be added to your friends list will now be excluded from being suggested.


Purple Fragments will no longer be given as a reward and those players who still have these fragments will have them replaced with another reward.


The 24th Day log in reward has been changed. 


The issue where an unreleased 4 Star Hero was listed as an available option via a hero selector ticket has been fixed.  

Thank you!

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