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[Known Issue] 7th Update

  • Horlan
  • 2018.12.20 03:31 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 473

Hello Heroes,
GM Horlan here.

I am sorry to report that after the update on 12/20, there are two known issues. For more information, please see below.

[Incorrect Evo Gems Being Distributed for the Venomous Hydra Cheese Raid Event]


-Players are being incorrectly awarded Dark Evo Gems instead of the Evo Gem associated
with the boss they defeated.
- This issue only appeared on the Korean server

[Overlord's Beelzebub's Skill 1 Not Displaying]


-During battle, players are unable to see the tool tip for Overlord Beelzebub's Skill 1.
- We are currently working on this issue.

[Archangel Uriel Skill 1 Not Displaying]

■Date: 1/07

-When viewing the skill description for the skill, "I Condemn you!" some text is not displaying.
- We are currently working on this issue.

[Arcanist Irea Hero Story]

■Date: 1/07

-The incorrect Hero Story is currently displaying for the hero Arcanist Irea, Alkaras the Red Lightning and Red Night Lady Coco.
- We are currently working on these issues.

[Time Rift Repeat Rewards Not Delivered]

■Date: 1/09

- Players were not given rewards for Time Rift when using Clear Tickets.
- We will be distributing the proper rewards to those affected by this issue.

We thank you for your patience and understanding! If there is any update about these issues, we will alert players by editing this post.

GM Horlan

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