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Maintenance Updates

6th Update Information [2]

  • GM Bearcat
  • 2018.11.27 07:09 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 1884

■ Contents

1. Castle Siege

- Additional rewards will be given the first time a player reaches a new rank.

- These rewards will only be given once per account.

■ Heroes

1.New Hero

- Frost Monarch Royce has arrived!

                     [Tap Here For More Information]
- Added the new hero to the catalog.
- Added these hero so they can now be summoned and combined.
- Added heroes to the “specialized hero” section for Jungle Expeditions.
- Added hero so they can now be selected in the Coliseum.

■ System

1. Convenience Changes

[Raid Emoticons/Phrases]

- In the two person raid mode, the ability to use emoticons and other phrases has been added.

- In order to access the emoticons/phrases, players can tap the window on the right hand side which will cause the drop down menu to display.

[New Heroes in the Catalog]

- When new heroes are introduced in the Catalog, they will be placed in the first spot now.

[Max Level Notice]

- When a hero is selected for battle and it has reached the maximum level possible, the word “MAX” will now display.

[Hero/Item Selector Display Update]

- Players will now be able to view the heroes/items they already own.

- Heroes of different Evo levels will also be included in this count.

- Items in storage will not be included.

2. Hero Craft

- Frost Monarch Royce has been added to the Hero Craft system.

- The necessary items needed to craft rare equipment has been changed.




6★ Rare Weapon Chest



6★ Rare Armor Chest



6★ Rare Shoes Chest



5★ Rare Weapon Chest



5★ Rare Armor Chest



5★ Rare Shoes Chest




[Team Select]

- The reserved battle and auto battle button has been merged.

-The “Clear Ticket” button has moved and now players can see the number of clear tickets that are left.

- The settings menu now has tabs and maintains the same functionality as before.


- The arena and coliseum background has been modified to a winter theme.

[Level Up]

- The level up pop-up will now display more information.

- Rewards can be obtained from the lobby, the main menu and the master information screen like before.


- Players will now be able to see their winning percentage for the current season.

- Before : Total Wins 00O Wins

- After : Total Win 00%(000 total 00 wins 00 losses)

- Players can view their wins and losses from the master information area, the main Castle Siege screen as well as during the Castle Siege matching screen.

Item Name


+4 to +5 Rune Chest Added


 +4 Upgrade Material Selector Added


 +6★ Rare Hero Selector Added


 5★ Evo Gem Selector Added


6.Random Shop

- The automatic item renewal has been changed from 8 hours to 2 hours.

- Players may refresh the Random Shop via Crystal as many times as they would like.

- Legendary weapons, legendary equipment and event items have been added.

- The probability of an event item being placed in a slot has increased.

- An event item will only appear in a slot 1 out of 10 times.

- The cost to refresh the random shop starts at 50 Crystal and after 10 attempts, will increase to a maximum of 500 Crystal.

- Cheese which was in the first slot will now only appear 3 times a day

- Players may use premium summon tickets in the regular summon area.
- Tyria’s Magic Attendance rewards have changed!

A. Immediate Purchase Reward
 Before : 4 Star Uncommon Hero Selector
 After : 6 Star Uncommon Hero Selector

B. Evo Gems (Days 1,4,8,11)
 Before : 3 Star Evo Gems
 After : 4 Star Evo Gems

C. Accessory Chest(Day 7)
 Before : 5~6 Star Rare Accessory Chest
 After : 6 Star Rare Accessory Chest

■ Bug Fixes

- An issue in which the Craft system's monthly use limit did not reset properly at the start of the month has been fixed

- Fixed an issue where you could not enter the payment screen anymore by closing the window without viewing additional payment screens.

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