Cerberus lvl.6 Raid tips with videos (Aspen) [10]

A new raid has been added in october update.

Tired of autoing lvl.10 Dimensional Sweeper Slurp for another 4* earring? Than meet Cerberus.

The boss has six difficulties. 

Lvl.1 is something similar to lvl.10 Dimensional Sweeper Slurp.

Lvl.4 has a difficulty spike. But if you'll manage to beat it, you'll get a guaranteed 5* accessory.

Lvl.6 is the hardest PvE challenge for now. It’s not auto-friendly and hard to carry someone with inappropriate heroes.

In this guide I'll mostly talk about the last one, lvl.6 Ruthless Cerberus.

Let's start.

Cerberus's skills and mechanics:

The boss has 2 phases in the first three difficulties and an extra phase on levels from four to six.

Phase 1.

The boss uses 3 skills on that phase:

Flesh Tear:

It's a non lethal ability. Deals 30% of current HP as damage and debuffs for -80% of max HP. Cerberus aims central hero of your frontline with it, so you'll see debuff on your 3 frontline heroes and 2 central heroes of a second row.

Bloody Cry:

Selfbuff with a cleanse and a debuff for entire raid. Just ignore it.

Limb Bite:

Ultimate that deals massive damage to all your heroes (200% of atk in 4 hits), dispels. It's possible to survive, but it's way easy to avoid rather to deal with the consequences. From the phase 2 the only way to outlive this skill is to use Cedrina’s ultimate (not guaranteed though - Cerberus can randomly dispel block rate buff and crit with a 10% chance).

Blood Bath:

Passive. The more heroes he kills, the more chances you’ll wipe.

Core phase mechanic - Mad Voodooists:

The fight starts with 2 Mad Voodooists. They are immune to all debuffs and have a channeling cast which increases boss' defense by 40%. This effect stacks, so it will be a 80% extra undispellable defense on Cerberus. Voodooists also cleansing debuffs and healing (bottom one) or delivering mana (top one) to Cerberus.

Voodooists can be killed, but they will be resummoned in the beginning of their turn. And as an extra option, with each death they increase damage dealt by Cerberus for 18.75%.

The phase ends then both of voodooists are dead at the same time or if you kill Cerberus. Killing both of adds means an 37.5% increased damage from Cerberus' skills on phase 2. So don't do that, there are enough ways to die even without that.

But if you have decent gear on your heroes, you can kill them on first three difficulties (not recommended though).

Cerberus himself has an -60% max HP debuff on phase 1. So he can be killed relatively fast after you buff your heroes.

Turn order is important!

Most likely you'll bring some heroes with passives that damages lowest possible HP% targets (like Serena, Gloria or Reina). It's important that you deal damage to Cerberus and not to his adds.

So some simple rules:


Billiot Captain must be faster than Horlan. With -80% max HP debuff he will inflict low damage while interrupting.

Reina should be faster than Billiot Captain or slower than Mayreel. In first case her passive will hit Cerberus because of Refud's damage. If Refud's damage is blocked and Billiot Captain critically hit the add, there is a chance that Reina's passive will hit the voodooist. That's why we need extra damage to Cerberus - if you use Mayreel, she is the best option, because you need her act as fast as possible for the entire fight.

Your other interrupter's (Nepa-Tuum/Cedrina/Dereka) second turn must be right after the upper voodooist's one (14.7-14.8 on timer usually).

The first turn of Serena should be after Gloria to apply a buff.

Generic tactics:

Between the two adds is better to interrupt the upper one first to prevent an extra MP. 

Ensure that all your damaging passives hits Cerberus, it’s better to use Gloria’s s2 instead of buff first in case of blocks.

Billiot Captain is the first target for mana gain. His buff is insane here.

The first phase itself is pretty boring overall - buff your heroes, than kill him fast. If you are managing Cerberus' mana, you can't die on that phase.

The last thing you should note is the moment of changing phases. It’s better to do that after the Cerberus’s turn so you’ll have some time to damage him.

First video timings: 00:56 - 4:10 

Phase 2.

Cerberus eats voodooists after receiving a final blow. Second phase begins.

The boss becomes stronger - he gains additional 60% atk. Cerberus continues to use skills from the phase one with some modifications: he buffs 60% vampirism and dispels 5 debuffs, Flesh Tear becomes an end turn passive and ultimate deals 320% of base atk from now.

He also gains some new stuff.


Cerberus deals damage up to 80+80% of base atk from the description if you don't kill any of his adds. Also slows down. This ability can be survived without extra buffs. Most likely you'll see trample in your fights, sometimes you'll even want to see this skill.

Bloody Footprint:

This ability is added only at 4th level! Nothing to afraid of on first three difficulties. 

Deals massive damage to 3 heroes (240% of atk from the description). Can crit up to 92k in lvl.6 raid. Avoid this or use defensive buffs like Cedrina's ultimate. Usually Cerberus casts this after Bloody Cry and Trample. But if you'll manage to drop his HP below 50% before the first Cerberus' turn, he will use Bloody Footprint instead.

Core phase mechanic - Bloodstones:

Cerberus summons two bloodstones after his first turn. That means that between eating voodooists and summoning bloodstones there are no extra adds on the field. Heroes like Kali/Darae/Irea can cast their skills without worries - passives will land directly to Cerberus.

Bloodstones have 100 HP and do nothing. If they are killed, damage dealt by Cerberus will increase the same amounts as on phase 1. So the main strategy is to ignore bloodstones and kill Cerberus directly.

Generic tactics:

If you cleared the first phase fast enough, the first Cerberus’ skill will be an improved Bloody Cry. Cerber will clear 5 effects on him and summon two bloodstones.

Immunity mastery will be a great choice for this phase. You’ll ignore Flesh Tear and slow from Trample. So use it right before the first turn of Cerberus.

Damage the boss, make sure you’ll not lose any hero from his skills. Cast Cedrina’s ultimate or just have enough effective HP (details below).

If you’ll manage to kill Cerberus on the first three difficulties the fight will end. From the forth one there will be another extra phase.

Changing from the second phase to the third one is a bit tricky.

After you killed the boss, he will rise in the invincibility. You’ll need to use the new banishing mastery to prevent a oneshot. It’s better to use it between 2 and 3 seconds on Cerberus’ timer. So you’ll have more time for a last phase:

In first sample you’ll have 1.5 second less. Sometimes it can be crucial, especially if your damage is not that good.

First video timings: 04:10 - 7:05 

Phase 3.

New phase is added from the 4th difficulty level.

Bloody Breath:

After receiving a final blow on the bloodstones phase Cerberus resurrects once again. In addition he will receive invincibility until his first turn.

The only way to survive is to use Curtain of Darkness - the new mastery skill. You will gain it on account lvl 60 or you can buy it earlier with crystals. Yes, using this skill is a must, it's worth to buy it.

After the breath Cerberus will be pinned down for 8 seconds with a 60% reduced defense.

If Cerberus will survive your damage, he will stand up without any debuffs, but with an immunity to decreasing his speed and an 18.75% increased atk from the previous phase (a 90% total boost to his base atk from the description). After that he will use his normal phase 2 skills starting with Trample. And that will be deadly, try to kill Cerberus before he stands up.

Generic tactics:


Deal as much damage as you can, use all of your saved ultimates of Gloria and Kali if you are using them.

First video timings: 07:05 - end

Surviving for the entire fight.

There are 3 skills that can cause problems: Trample, Bloody Footprint and Limb Bite.

The first one, Trample, is unavoidable, deals lower damage and can be survived with no external mitigation buffs.

If you're not killing any adds, you'll need 61370 HP for lvl.6 boss fight to survive a double crit from Trample. That number is without any def mitigation, more realistic is something like 55k HP with 10.5% defense.

If your hero have less eHP, there is a 9% chance of dying from two crits in a row.

Bloody Footprint can crit up to 92k damage on the second phase, ultimate can deal up to 122k damage. 

Cedrina's ultimate is great in terms of mitigation. You can use her Faithful Aias skill if you need more survivability. But you should use it in a right moment - the only damage that can kill you is from critical hits. So the debuff part of Cedrina's ultimate is more important than block buffs. With a 10% critical rate instead of 30% the chance of death is reduced to 1%.

No random - that’s why eHP is better:

What heroes are useful?


Horlan - buffs 40% cooldown reduction, debuffs Cerberus' managain in the beginning, great healing. Also cleanses debuffs, but it's better to use immunity from masteries.

Aureus - 40% atk buff, great healing ultimate (but with enough raid damage his healing is useless).

Mayreel - 20% crit rate buff, MP consumption debuff.

Coco - yep, a supporter. Can give a double turn to a dealer or another buffer. Or use her s2 to prevent enemy's ultimate. The only flow of this hero - she's a legendary, and it's hard to get her (can't be obtained in Rebirth like Horlan).

Reina - managain, manadrain, def reduction.

Refud - 40% atk and vampiric buff, def reduction.

Billiot Captain -  40% crit rate, 20% atk and cooldown reduction, also has slow and interrupt (fastest defender, so use him). He’s a common hero.

Edelyn - can be used in this fight (buffs and invincibility). But Billiot Captain's buff is simply better.

Ribbit - can be a supportive mana battery if you don't have Reina.

Others: Akiro (20% atk buff, can debuff atk), Medusa (mana battery).


Billiot Captain - the best one, read above. Interrupts a target fast and with low damage.

Cedrina - use her, if you need mitigation and survivability.

Nepa-Tuum - use him, if you want more damage (40% def reduction).

Dereka - can give mana and an extra passive def to your fragile heroes (for example you can place her in front of Refud cause his base HP is low). Can also slow with an ultimate. But overall the upper three heroes have more usage.

Zupiel - fast, has dispel and def reduction.

Others: Sol-Ven-Heim (can also manaburn), Tubalkein (slow), Alkaras (slow), Satyr (manaburn).


Serena - core hero, best raid damage dealer. You can kill Cerberus without her, but that can be tough and not safe.

Gloria - average damage, good buffs (20% crit rate and cooldown reduction), great 40% slow. Her passive always hits target with the lowest HP%.

Kali - her damage is only relevant on phase 3. Or if you want to kill bloodstones. Better than other random damaging heroes like Darae or Irea. And lots of players already have her.

Agnes - potentially great skill set for this fight, but low damage. You need to invest in her a lot to use here (better to use Kali or invest in her).

Ribbit - worse than Kali but why not.

Others: Radeath (for his debuffs and an extra life for low HP hero), Rosarinte (def reduction, useful buffs), Leonic (can dispell vampirism, average damage, average slow - applies only if Cerberus has buffs), Darae (slow, random dealer), Reiden (crit buffs, some damage, hard to use because of stealth).

Recommended base setup:

Horlan, Billiot Captain, Nepa-Tuum (Cedrina)

Aureus (Edelyn), Mayreel (Coco), Refud, Reina (Ribbit)

Serena, Gloria, Kali (Coco, Ribbit, Edelyn, Cedrina, etc - a free slot)

With that setup you will have +60-80% extra crit rate, +100% atk, 40% vampiric, +60-80% cooldown reduction, max (80%) def reduction on boss, max (80%) slow debuff. 

Note, that you need to interrupt 2 casts, so use at least two interrupetrs (ore you can try with one and Coco). Three can be used either, but it's a waste of a hero slot.

Gear recommendations:

Give your best possible damage gear to dealers (like fallen rare set, 2+ pieces of any legendary set). Serena and Gloria have high base HP, Kali needs some extra levels and transcendence.

Supporters and interrupters don't need a specific set. Cooldown reduction and survivability are the main priorities here. Swift rare set is great, red runes, cooldown reduction or defense accessories.

Gear up your Mayreel with the fastest possible gear, she needs a lot of cooldown reduction. Refud has low base HP, give him some defense gear.

The first three difficulties can be cleared with T0 lvl 30 heroes.

For the forth one you'll need some damage from Kali/Serena, and some survivability for all of your units. T2 lvl 30 heroes with 4*+10 or 5*+0 accessories and 5-6* gear is enough.

For the last two levels of Cerberus you'll need T3+ heroes with 5* accessories and 6* gear. Higher hero lvls are also useful but not necessary - sometimes is easier to T5 an uncommon hero than levelling him to 36. I was able to kill lvl.6 Cerberus with a T1 lvl 30 Serena, so you don't need an all T5 comp.

Possible Masteries:

Curtain of Darkness (Kick) - self banish. A must have for 4-6 difficulties, almost no use on easier stages.

Magic Shield (Immune) - great skill for a second phase, allows you to pass it without any problems.

Abyss Orb (MP) - an extra emergency button. Use it when boss is ready to cast his ultimate and you have no other options. 

Other options are for party play only:

Insta Heal (Heal), Battle Cry (Enhance) - sometimes you can use that skills, but they are not needed in most cases. 

Eagle Eye (Critical) - only if you have no Mayreel and Gloria or Captain.

Dispel Staff (Remove) - may be used to dispel a vampiric buff if your damage is low.

Videos and examples:

1. General tactic (Single player)

Pretty generic setup with low investments. We have all the effects needed, so it’s not hard to kill it alone (to be honest, it's easier than with a random player from the chat). As you can see, Kali’s damage is not relevant - you can change her with any useful hero. 

Note, that the main souce of healing comes from vampiric. Kali, Aureus and Horlan can't heal like that, so you need to place them correctly. Horlan needs his cd reduction buff, so he can be placed with other heroes who need extra speed. Aureus and Kali can be placed in a both sides of second row or in a third one (to avoid damage from Flesh Tear).


Hero Stats: 00:00 - 00:37

Phase 1: 00:56 - 4:10

Phase 2: 04:10 - 7:05 

Phase 3: 07:05 - end

2. Killing bloodstones. Don’t do that if you don’t have Cedrina! Just a sample.

After a bloodstone’s destruction Cerberus will heal himself. So It’s only possible if the boss acts in the beginning of the second phase.

This is an example! Really not recommended.


Hero Stats: 00:00 - 00:24

Phase 1: 00:55 - 3:53

Phase 2: 03:53 - 5:56 

Phase 3: 05:56 - end

3. Skipping phase 2 abilities.

With a geared T5 Serena you can almost skip a second phase. Coco is used as for a double turns for Serena, but you can use her s2 instead of Mayreel’s if needed. 


Hero Stats: 00:00 - 00:30

Phase 1: 01:05 - 4:16

Phase 2: 04:16 - 5:46 

Phase 3: 05:46 - end

My tierlist was also updated. You can find it here:

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