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Magic Tower 70 tips with videos (Aspen) [1]

Hello, i'm Aspen. Here's some tips to clear magic tower 70.

Last update brought us a new challenge.

Zupiel of Judgment

She has 556k HP, but because of constant healing you have to deal more damage to kill her in some cases.

New skills, finally!


The core mechanic of all fight. She kills every hero except one at the start of a battle. There are some ways to ignore that skill, like passives of Radeath, Khazad and Kunkka, may be Old Guardian's legendary set (don't have it, so can't test). But this is not the easy way to deal with her, just let Zupiel kill almost everyone.

Other skills are pretty generic:

Gains some ultimate cooldown reduction, critical rate and ratio on herself at the first turn if not damaged.

Heals 67k HP if her current HP is more than 50%. Heals 112k HP if current HP is below 50%. Can crit!
Applies sleep - that means that the next hit she will receive will be 1.5 times harder.


Removes one buff, average to high damage, some drain.

Reduces 20% defense, low to average damage, some life drain.

Removes seven beneficial effects, average to high damage, low drain.

Her skill order depends on your damage and timing of using Hero's Token mastery skill (aka bubble, aka invincibility).

Judgment - additional mechanic:
Activates every 15.15s.
Zupiel starts with 60% added undispellable defense and -60% atk.
From each activation of Judgement Zupiel will lose 20% def and gain 20% atk. Also she will receive heal for 55-70k HP each time.
For the first time Judgement will add an extra attack to Zupiel at the end of her turn. 40% def and -40% atk, heal for 55-70k
Next time it will deal slight damage to your hero. 20% def and -20% atk, heal for 55-70k
For the third time Judgement will remove all starter def/atk additions, and will give Zupiel 100% atk (dispellable) and 60% def reduction. -60% def and +100% atk, heal for 55-70k

The longer fight goes the more damage Zupiel deals and receives.

Additionally, Zupiel have one extra attack when she is defeated. So you need some HP to survive that or avoid damage with invincibility.

Hero recomendations.

It's a duel, so you'll need a hero with decent single target damage and four supportive dead spectators.

Who to use for support?

Any hero with on death effect or effects from the start of a battle:
Reiden - 20% crit rate buff, 20% crit ratio buff. Almost a must, but 4* is enough.
Venomous Viper - 20% defense reduction. Good to have, worth starring him if you can't beat Zupiel in first 21 seconds.
Nepa-Tuum - 40% defense reduction. You'll need him at 6* stars for faster clears.
Alkaras - 20% cooldown reduction, extra MP. A must for speed kills, not that useful for starters but still. 4* is enough for his buff, 6* if you need mana.
Riri - 60% atk buff. A starter choice, 4* is enough (cause after that her buff will be dispelled).
Mayreel - 20% crit rate buff. Can be used if you are not using crit mastery right from start. 4* is enough.
Xiros - gives mana for 2nd turn ultimate, good choice for starters if defenders are banned. 4* is enough.
Rosarinte and Akiro - 20% atk buff, nothing special.
Medusa - can deal some damage. Needs investments! 6*, max lvl, atk gear, transcendance. It's better to focus onyour main dealer though.

Who can beat Zupiel?

Kali  is the best here. She can deal great damage with her skills, can reduce healing, and she is faster than Ribbit. If she's not banned, Kali will be a default choice for 3 out of 4 weeks.

Here i'll show 3 patterns from low geared starter Kali to well equipped for top10 rankings.

1. Starter Kali - can beat Zupiel for extra rune even without Nepa-Tuum.
What do we need here?
lvl 30, T0-T2 Kali+4 with 6500 atk, ~60% crit ratio, 15-20% life drain, 8sec cooldown and 50k HP at least. 6* gear, 4-5* accessories, 3-4* runes.

Sample skillorder (Note, this is the hardest setup, cause no tanks involved):
1st turn. Use s2 to apply healing reduction on boss.
2nd turn. Use ultimate or s2 to deal some damage.
3rd turn. Use Hero's Token mastery. It's possible to use crit mastery too, but it can be used later. Why using invincibility here? Zupiel starts to deal damage from now on, we need to save our hero and heal Kali with drain. Use s2 or ultimate depending on Zupiel's defense.
4-6th turns. Just keep on going with damage.
7-8th turns. That's why you'll need 8sec cooldown and some HP drain. With that speed your Kali will be acting right after the 3rd usage of Judgment. You will have 2 turns to finish the boss. Use enhance and deal damage. Note that you'll need 50k HP at the end to survive finishing blow.

Made some work to downgrade Kali a little.

2. Average Kali - can beat Zupiel in first 3 turns with Nepa-Tuum (or before 45s mark without him), but cannot do it fast enough.
What do we need here?
Slightly more damage than before. Something like 7000 atk and 75% crit ratio.

Skill patterns can be the same too, just need enough damage to kill Zupiel in ~3-5 turns.
Or just use bubble from the start. Nothing special.

This time video will be for the easiest setup, we have all the necessary heroes available.
If you have equipment and a T5 Kali, you can beat Zupiel in first 3 turns or less - see next section.

3. Top10 Kali - can beat Zupiel fast enough within 1-3 turns.
What do we need here?
T5 Kali with best possible gear and runes. Lvling her past 30 is also needed.

It's not that hard to kill Zupiel within first 2-3 turns using invincibility and crit masteries. But for top10 you'll need to do that FAST.
We need to reduce cooldown and number of turns to lowest possible level. Use red runes, cd gear (like Emerald/Assassin/Dexterity/Time/Evil Dragon's accessories, extra lines on equipment).
As for rare sets it's a choice between Fallen (+8% crit damage, more atk) and Swift (3% cd reduction, less atk). All legendary dealer's sets are usable, but one stands apart for now in terms of speed (but not damage).
The Immortal's set will give you 40% cooldown reduction buff before the first turn. It's a 1 sec advantage for each 3.5 seconds of cooldown. It's a good option in current situation on global server while we have 5* accessories mainly.
The other good option is Godslayer's set because of extra 40% crit ratio. Can save you a turn with average accessories.

Just a sample. I'm using Immortal's set here on Gloria. 

If you're aiming for top10, you'll already know how to act and gear your heroes.

What if Kali is banned? Or even have no Kali at all?
Well, at least Ribbit, Gloria, Irea, Darae, Agnes and Leonic can do the job.
Gloria and Darae can beat Zupiel within invincibility with low-mid investments and they are not mages like Ribbit.

Some examples:

Darae for 45s+ clear.

Who needs Ribbit? No one, but here he is.

Possible hero parties for every week:
Defenders banned: Kali, Reiden, Viper, Xiros and Mayreel (or Akiro/Rosarinte)
Mages banned: Gloria (Darae), Reiden, Nepa-Tuum, Viper and Alkaras/Mayreel (depends of your speed and damage)
Supports banned: Kali, Reiden, Nepa-Tuum, Viper and Alkaras
Atackers banned: Kali, Nepa-Tuum, Alkaras, Xiros and Riri (or Mayreel/Akiro/Rosarinte)

Mastery skills:

Well, not many choices here.

Hero's Token (Invincible) - core skill of a fight. Gives invincibility, max atk and cooldown.

Eagle Eye (Critical) - max critical rate buff.

Battle Cry (Enhance) - useful for starters.

That's all. The fight has random only with direct critical hits, and can be finished by almost everyone, at least when Kali is not banned and your gear allows you to clear previous stages.

You can also check this tierlist (doing it in a spare time)

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