How to Clear Magic Tower 70th Floor

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  • 2018.10.02 23:16 (UTC+0)
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Hi my IGN is Rossy

After last updated magic tower is extend to 70th and come with Churubim is boss

in this floor we must start with ONLY one hero to defeat her . when the begin battle she slash out

and kill 4 of 5 our hero except most CP hero that survive .

For my tip in week that not ban Magic Hero Kali is core to pass

other 4 Hero that useful is support passive skill and some hero active ability when they die

Reiden  > she smoke bomb that very nice with + 20% cri rate and cri ratio

Viper > acid venom can reduce Def Rate 20%

Mayreel > a nice passive for Cri rate and heal

Predator > when die - 40% def rate

RiRi > +60 ATK when die

You must choose hero that had skill like above in to team (not serious for level we need only their skill)

Mastery that i recommend is

Eagle Eye . Dispell .and invicible

Step to pass

1. After begin fight you use invicible mastery and dispell

2. if Kali is core Hero use  Crater Ambush first for decrese healing when boss use sleep

3. Nuke all Damage to boss

4. if that week ban magic hero you can use Gloria or Daria instead Kali but your item tran and rune

   must be good enough

So easy ^^

For who want to challenge time in tower if you had immortal Legendary Equipment Set that so easy

look like this set make for 70th floor

TIP의 글

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