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Maintenance Updates

4th Update Information [1]

  • GM Bearcat
  • 2018.09.18 12:40 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 682

■ Contents


- Hell Mode is now open for Acts 1~3.

2.Magic Tower

- The Magic Tower’s top floor has increased from 60 to 70.

ㄴOn the 70th floor, the boss will be Zupiel the Cherubim.


- Players can now draft 7 heroes instead of 5. Players will then need to create their team using 5 of the 7 heroes selected.

- We will provide a more dynamic battles and rewards for players that enjoy the Coliseum!

4.Time Rift

- Time Rift has increased the maximum level from 6 to 7.

-  Players that clear stages 5~7 have a chance to receive Mastery Gems.

ㄴ Lava Giant : Defense Mastery Gem

ㄴ Ancient Yeti : Support Mastery Gem

ㄴ Dark Hound : Attack Mastery Gem

ㄴVenomous Hydra: Magic Mastery Gem

■ Heroes

1.New Heroes

- Snow White Fairy Rosarinte (Rare), Dwarf King Marcus (Rare) are ready to join the battle!

- Added the new heroes to the catalog.

- Added these heroes so they can now be summoned and combined.

- Added heroes to the “specialized hero” section for Jungle Expeditions.

- Added heroes so they can now be selected in the Coliseum.

■ System

1.Mastery Gem System

- At 6 Star level 30, heroes can be enhanced through the use of Mastery Gem.

- Players can increase their transcend level by 1 through the use of Mastery Gem, with the number of
Mastery Gem needed increasing per level with the cost being 5/10/15/20/25.

- Each increase through the use of Mastery Gem will increase the players level by 2. 

- Players are not able to “Random Enhance” to these new levels

2. Hero Crafting

- 6 star Uncommon heroes that have been fully transcended to the maximum level can be used with 

fragments to obtain Rare grade heroes.  

- Players will now be able to craft Snow White Fairy Rosarinte and Dwarf King Marcus. 

Additionally, there will be new crafting recipes in the future.

3. Convenience Changes

[Hero Karma Get All Button]

- If players are eligible for multiple rewards, they can tap the “Get All” button to receive them all at once.

[Sort by Log In]

- Players can now sort their friends by their log in time.  

[Promote Raid]

- When selecting the two player raid mode, there will now be an option to “Promote Raid”.

- When promoting a raid, the player who is requesting the raid will send a link to the chat room that other
 players will be able to tap and join their raid.

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