Magic Tower 60 tips with videos (Aspen) [1]

Hello, i'm Aspen. Here's some tips to clear magic tower 60.

Boss Nivas has 2x343k HP. You need to kill her twice. After rebirth she regains 5MP and new passive skill.

Boss skills, what to beware of:

1st - low damage penetration skill with def reduction and dot (like hero's Nivas s1)

2nd - average gamage penetration skill with cd reduce debuff (like Nivas's s2)

3rd - high damage penetration ultimate (like Nivas's ult)

4th - atk/ultimate cd selfbuff. Aware of this after rebirth 

5th - high damage single target skill, hits frontline heroes 3 times at random (like Rozamia's s1)

6th - second phase passive - adds average penetration damage to every attack. Deadly if combined with ultimate + selfbuff or def reduction

Skill pattern:


Boss uses her ultimate on 5 mana instead of any skill.

Ultimate, how to survive it on second phase?

Aside of dispelling boss's selfbuff, we have several options:

- cleanse def reduction debuff. Use Horlan or Magic Shield (Immune) master skill.

- use defensive abilities. Like Cedric's/Cedrina's/Edelyn's ultimates.

- use atk debuff on boss. Like Radeath's s1 or Leonic's ultimate.

- just have enough HP on heroes - transcend to T5, upgrade to +5, use 6* accessories.

What else?

There are 2 stones on the battlefield in the frontline. You can't hit them, can't destroy them. They just dissapear every 40 seconds for 10 seconds. So you can hit boss only by aoe attacks 80% of time.

And there are only 3 windows for single target damage: 40-50s, 1:30-1:40, 2:20-2:30 (if you survive for that long)

That leads us to 3 strategies:

1) aoe/penetration team to deal damage all the time and possibly kill boss before 40s

2) single target team to deal damage in 10s windows

3) mixed team to drop boss hp down before 40s mark and kill her right after that

Faster clear time means better place in ladder. So penetration team is preferable.

And this composition is easier to gear up, you don't have to micromanage every cd on your heroes to deal all the damage at 40-42s interval.

So many heroes, who to bring for?


Nivas - 20% def reduction, can cast ultimate every 2nd turn

Radeath - 20% atk reduction, average damage

Akiro - low damage, but has 20% atk buff on his passive

Khazad - low damage

Rozamia - low damage

Kali - great single target hitter after 40s mark.

Ribbit - great single target damage dealer after 40s mark. Can be used as buffer with his MP gain and 40% cd reduction buff.

Reina - 40% atk buff, MP gain. Aoe damage is low, but can hit once after 40s mark with her ultimate.


Zupiel - 20% def reduction, dispell on ultimate, fast attacks. 

Nils - 40% block rate reduction can be useful at the start. Attacks target after ally's action, so she can deal extra damage. Best dealer overall for this fight. Deals more damage if your other heroes acts more often, great sinergy with cd reduce buffers and fast attackers (Zupiel/Akasha)

Akasha - great atk coefficients but low base atk, 246% on s2+passive, 336% on ult+passive (other heroes penetrate skills are about 160-170% of atk). Has 40% atk + 20% crit chance selfbuff. Easy to transcend, so T5 Akasha deals great damage.

Beelzebub - average damage. Not so great because his passive won't work here.

Gloria - good singleo target dealer, 20% cd/crit chance buff.


Horlan - aoe heal, 40% cd buff, cleanse (no need to bring master skill for that)

Edelyn - st heal, 20% cd/atk buff, defensive ultimate

Aureus - st/aoe heal, 40% atk buff

Irea - low to average aoe damage. Not so great because her passive won't work here. Easy to transcend though.


Billiot Captain - great buff on ultimate (20% atk/cd + 40% crit chance). He is faster than Skeleton Warrior, so better to use him. Gave him ult cd reduction accessorires (like 4* sapphire ones, blues) so he could use ultimate on his 2nd turn. Or pair with Ribbit/Reina/any MP gain hero.

Leonic - 40% atk reduction on ultimate, average damage. Not so great because his passive won't work here.

Kanzel - can deal notable aoe damage, if he has 70-80k HP with crit chance/crit damage gear. Not affected by atk buff.

What Master skills to choose?

Battle Cry (Enhance)

100% atk + 40% cd reduction buff, great to have it. But you can cast enhance on below 50% hp targets only. So how to get this low?

Don't dispell buff on boss early. You need to get def reduction debuff on the side with hard hitters. Not on tanks or buffers. Third boss skill must hit same heroes (and may be critical once or twice to deal enough damage on high hp heroes).

This is an rng element. And it's not cool, just a time waste.

Due to penetration attacks, you can cast enhance on 3 heroes.

One note - using Enhance meens that atk buff are not so great in general. This is also refers to Eagle Eye (Critical) master skill.

Using cd reduction buff is preferrable cause there is no aoe master skill for that (only 40% on enhance).

Magic Shield (Immune)

If you can't use Horlan (banned supports or don't have him), this master skill can be useful to prevent oneshots from boss's ultimate at 2nd phase.

Dispell Staff (Remove)

Useful skill to dispell boss's selfbuff. But you can use Zupiel's ultimate for that.

Eagle Eye (Critical)

Great buff to boost damage for 8s. But can be switched out if you use Billiot Cpt's ultimate (2nd video as an example)

Insta Heal (Heal) and Bloodlusť (Vampirism)

Just a regular healing skills. May be useful if supports are banned.

Team Composition:

Due to boss mechanic, max 3 of your heroes can get an enhance buff. So this is an example of disposition.

Red one is the zone for enhance buff.

If boss cast her skills in blue zone, just restart a fight.

Green zone is for line buff. So you need to place your best 2 dealers in a backline like this (Radeath and Nivas on picture)

Third dealer can be placed at Rozamia's place if you want to enhance him. Or at Edelyn's place if you want to buff him first.

Several team compositions for below 40s clear.

Mages banned: Akasha/Nils/Zupiel + 2 buffers

Supports banned: Nils/Zupiel/Nivas + dealer/buffer (like Akasha/Billiot Cpt) or 2 buffers (Ribbit or Reina/Billiot Cpt)

Attackers banned: Radeath/Nivas + 3 buffers. Or Radeath/Nivas/strongest dealer you have + 2 buffers. Not tested yet though.

Tanks banned: Nils/Zupiel/Nivas + 2 buffers. Or just strongest dealers you have.

For 40s+ clear just add Kali/Ribbit/Gloria as dealer or two.

Some videos as examples.

1. Mages banned. 

2. Supports banned. Example of using Magic Shield (Immune) master skill instead of Eagle Eye (Critical)

3. Singletarget heroes example. No enhance this time, just nuking boss in a 10s interval.

4. Singletarget heroes just to clear it, not for ladder. It's not a tough fight, you'll need 50-60k CP dealers and 40k CP buffers to clear this stage (5* gear sets or 6* gear for dealers, 3-4* accs, 3* runes).

Don't kill boss in a first 10s interval, just bring her to low HP. It'll be easier to survive her abilitites for another 40s.

Skipped most of turns in this. Just pretend that Kali has 60k CP. Cedrina is doing nothing there, but can greatly reduce boss damage if you need survivability. Just add Reina or Gloria instead of her if you need more damage, or another buffer, or any of aoe heroes.

You can also check this tierlist (doing it in a spare time)

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