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Hi, today i will write a guide to help you clear Magic Tower F.60 easily.

Magic Tower 60 is not hard if you can reach it. I think all of you can clear it if you pass F.59. My guide will focus on how to make it easier and faster:      
    -It's boss floor, only need defeat Nivas to win. There are no Magic Effects, and there are Nivas's info:

Information of Nivas

  • You can see boss has 343033 HP, and she will revive one time with full HP. So you need to deal about 686066 damage.
  • Nivas has 6 skills, and you pay attention to three things: First, her passive creat 2 invisible Stones at begining of Battle, and it will dissapear at 40s (first time) and 1m 30s (second times) .... Second: most attack skill of Nivas is Penetrate. Third: she has + 60% ATK and 40% Ultimate CD buff and very dangerous after.
  • Each block rate is 43%, your attack may be block alot if it's not critical.

-After knowing about this, there are some tips for you:

1.Pick heroes with Penatrate and Area skill : Because 2 Stones are invisible, so you need to use Penetrate or Area attack skill to deal damage to Nivas before Stone dissapear. There are some good heroes for do it: 

  • Nils is the Best: First Skill Nils Decrease of 40% Boss's Block Rate.Second Skill is penetrate and deal good Damage. Nils's Ultimate deal massive Damage. But her passive make is the best Dealer to boss with 41% of ATK at the end of allies action:

    Give Nils best Equip, she will deal alot damage to Nivas

  • Zupiel (New Legend Attacker): 2nd skill can decrease Defend rate 20% and Ultimate deal massive damage (Penetrate). And every speed is very good.

  • Nivas (New Rare Mage): All skills are Penetrate. First skill can decrease Def rate 20% and deal alot DoT damage. 2nd skill and her Ultimate (Highest damage ratio: 315%) deal masive damage. And she has high base attack, automatic recover 2,5 mana per turn (do not have ally die) to use Ultimate many times.

  • Radeath (Legend Mage): first skill deal damage and ultimate deal massive damage (258%). His passive can revive one Ally and give 5 mana at the beginning of battle to use Ultimate.

  • Akasha (UC Attacker): she can boost her crit levels at 20% and ATK 40% with first skill. 2nd skill, every passive and Ultimate all is Penetrate. Every speed is good, too.

  • Beelzebub (Legend Attacker): his 2nd skill is Penetrate and can -1MP to boss. It's not like the other side of the story.

2.Pick heroes can deal Massive Damage after Stones dissapear . Best choice is  Kali   and  Ribbit (Ribbit can buff speed and mana before Stone dissapear). But this is the way, you can not kill boss <40s, my suggestion is use Penetrate and Area attack Heroes.

3.Pick some Supporters : They will give main DPS mana, ATK, Crit Rate, Speed ... Some good Supporters:

  • Ribbit   : + 2MP and 40% CD, massive damage with Ultimate. Best choice when Mage is not banned.
  • Reina   : +2 MP and 40% ATK, can deal medium damage with skill 2 (Area) and massive Damage with Ultimate (but single target, need wait 2 stones dissapear). Another good choice.
  • Aureus   : + 40% ATK for a line. 
  • Edylyn   : + 20% ATK and 20% CD for a line
  • Horlan   : + 40% Speed for a line. His ulti can deal a bit damage to boss. First skill can be massive damage but it's single target.
  • Gloria   : + 20% Crit rate and 20% CD for a line. She can deal Massive damage when Stone dissapear.
  • Billiot Captain   : He is Defensive Heroes but his Ultimate buff 20% ATK, 40% Crit Rate, 20% speed. Many top Tower player use him.
  • Vengeful Spirit     (Common Support Hero): Replace of  Reina when Mage got banned.

So there are some team suggestions for each week:

  • Banned Attacker:   Nivas   +   Radeath   +3 supporters (   Reina   ,   Aureus,     Horlan     ...    ) 
  • Banned Mage:  Nils  +  Zupiel +   Akasha +    2 supporters (  Aureus,    Horlan, Vengeful Spirit   ...) 
  • Banned Defender:  Nils   +   Zupiel +    Akasha +     2 supporters (   Aureus,     Horlan    ...) 
  • Banned Supporter:  Nils    +    Zupiel +     Akasha (or    Nivas   ,    Beelzebub   ... if they are stronger) and 2 Buffers (   Billot Captain,    Reina,    Ribbit)
  • You can add   Kali   to clear it within 40s-50s when Penetrate heroes not good.

4.Choose Magic Spell

  • Eagle Eyes : 100% crit rates for 8 s will help you kill boss faster. Use it with Battle Cry and when your Ultimates ready.
  • Battle Cry : 100% ATK boost and 40% CD when your heroes <50% HP is very good buff for kill boss faster. Arrange your main DPS in V shape to maximum effect.
  • Remove or Immune : If you do not have Zupiel or your Heroes, you need to remove the Boss's ATK and Ultimate CD buff. If not, use Immune to remove slow effect to faster kill Nivas.
  • Heal : If you feel difficult to survive after Boss revive, take Heal . Remembers use it right time to trigger Battle Cry .

5. Arrange your heroes before the battle start: Because of the skill, most of all  Penetrate  , so you need to set up your best Dealers in V shape to trigger  Battle Cry  with the best effect (3 heroes get this effect).

Arrange Best Dealers in V Shape before battle start

6. Some tips to clear faster:

  • Switch best Equip and Accesories before try to get best Record (i suggest do it on Sunday, when your strength is best).
  • Use -Def skill first to boss for increase Damage output.
  • Buff best hero first, then other heroes.
  • Use Battle Cry when atleast 2 heroes <50% HP, then use Eagle Eyes to maximum effect. Because of the Boss's skill is Penetrate, arrange your best Dealers in V shape and restart a fight when only one hero <50% HP.
  • Try alot times to get best Record (because Crit, Direct Hit, ... will make your Result better). If boss block too much, restast a fight.
  • Speed is key to clear this floor faster. Aim for-CD Accessories, and Set with -MP consume, -CD when <50% HP is best for this Floor. Swift Equip (6 * Rare) and Quick (5 * Rare) Set is good, too.
  • Check out other top 10 players to get some Exprience for Line Up, Magic spell, Speed ...
  • Crit Rate and Crit Ratio is important for kill boss faster.

Good luck, hope you can clear it best Time:

6.Video: There are some Video i cleared F.60 (not the best record, you need to try alot to get best Record):

Clear F.60 without Mage

Clear F.60 with Nils

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