Easy to Pass Magic Tower 60fl

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Hello 3 part for my tip ( My IGN : Rossy )

Before you can climb up to 60 floor , Your hero and item must be good enough to stand againt boss damage

part 1 Boss Pattern

She had 2 skill and 1 ultimate ( All is Penetrate skill )

1st skill is normal damage but can reduce your Def Rate 20% and burn your hp over time

2nd skill is more damage and reduce your cooldown 20%

Becareful if got debuff -20% def rate and take 2nd boss skill or her ultimate, it become massive damage  

After boss first HP gauge out she will revive with full HP gauge and after boss use skill she will

deal extra hit with penetrate pattern to your hero

Part 2 . Tip for pass and collect reward

1. You must choose penetrate or Explosive skill Hero For damage because when had stone in front of

   boss you cant atk her by single target skill

   Support Hero for buff or Heal {some week support type will be banned choose mastery for help}

step1. You can use Dispell mastery to remove boss start up buff that can help you can stand easier

step2. Use buff skill and atk boss by penetrate or Explosive skill to reduce boss hp as much as you can

        After 40 sec stone will disappear you can use single powerful nuke skill to her

        if boss not died

        the stone will appear again but dont worry use penetrate or Explosive skill until her down

P.s.  Boss had 2 hp gauge when first gauge out . she will revive with full hp and make extra hit when she attack

Part 3 Recommend Hero 

Nuke Hero . Kali , Frog , Gloria is good choice if you had , frog can reduce cooldown and fill your mp that
                 help your turn come fast and can make more damage to boss , his ultimate that massive too

                 but must use after 40 sec when stones are gone

Aoe Hero .  Hero who can direct damge to boss when she had stone in front of her . Nil , Nivas , Leonic
                Radeath , Beelzebub , Cherubim that great , You can use Akasha  , Irea , Akiro instead if you

                not have them 

Support   .  Aureus , Edelyn that good choice also Horlan ( Atk buff , Heal , reduce cooldown is useful)

Hope it can help other player to pass 60fl magic tower

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