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[Strong] My HIGHEST DAMAGE attack [4]

  • STOVE73163056
  • 2018.08.01 04:46 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 121

Highest single Attack

By: Angel88888 

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    작성자 2018.08.01 04:47 (UTC+0)
    Great.Powerful attack
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    작성자 2018.08.01 06:20 (UTC+0)
    Where to upload picture?
  • imagesofficial
    2018.08.02 00:52 (UTC+0)
    Please upload the picture on the "Screenshot Event" area. On the top of the page will be the title "Strong". Upload your photo there and good luck!
  • imagesofficial
    2018.08.02 04:17 (UTC+0)
    Just a reminder that an image has not been uploaded yet.
    Thank you,
    GM Bearcat

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