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Hello guys. Today I will write a guide about climbing magic tower based on my knowledge. 

Part1: floor 1-49 ( general tips)

I think you guys will climb those level pretty much easy with cpover 100k. If you get stuck at one floor, you need to rotate your officers , formation and even master skills. . One of the best hero to climb tower that require more cp is Uncomon Officer Popstar Riri with passive increase your whole team attack 60% for 17 seconds. If you combine Riri with master skill critical + enhance right, the whole floor will be swept in a blink of an eye.

Note that depends on the floor but mostly Riri would be best to stay at 4* lvl 1 no equipment , so she could die fast to give you advantage. 

Recommend skills for floor 1-49( vary based on floor) critical, immune , remove, enhance. 

Now we come to part 2, which is the main part , the floor 50 guide. Recommend skills : crititcal, enhance, polymorph

To pass floor 50 I recommend atleast 3 officers with 35k+ cp.

Its change every week which type of hero is banned but the core strategy is the same . 

Remember this core strategy : critical and enhance . That are the most powerful master skills to pass this floor . 

The idea is to let the boss damages your heroes to under 50% to activate the enhance skills with critical+ other buffs/debuffs to finish boss before 40s . Because after 40s the boss will summon 4 other monsters which will take you atleast 20 more sec to finish, but we will get to that part later . For now , we focus on how to finish bossunder 40s.

Just remember , to finish boss before 40s you need atleast 2 strong damage dealer with 40k cp ,

Recommend : elemental Kali, snowqueen herjuna, frog prince rebbit, chief commander agnes, Darae, Reiden . In a short word : officer with powerful single target skill .

So now imagine your formation be like this

3 1

4 2


About this week. No attacker .

Riri should be in 1 or 2. For example let’s set Riri at position #1 .

At the beginning of the battle , the boss will disable either number 1 or 2. Keep in mind you need riri to be the one that got disabled at the start. The reason is so she could die later when your officer has enough Mp to use ultimate .

Just keep rejoin the floor until riri is disabled.

Now we move to step 2. The idea now is get as many main damage dealer to under 50% without dying.  The number 3 and 2 should be your main damage dealer , and even 4 if you want !

Number 5 I suggest either strong buff hero (mp buff, atk buff, cd buff) for example frog (best), Aureus, Reina, Saint Edelyn. 

Ok now we move to the first obstacle : the sub boss that appear at the start “Khazad”, if you kill him he reborn with invicibl and other unwanted skills you dont want to think about ! Lol

So it’s the best to make him couldnt reborn. How? The answer is the master skill polymorph , which will turn him into the frogin 8 second if he’s under 50% hp. You can use frog ribbit instead if you have him but it will take longer because ribbit passiveonly activate if the enemy has atleast 2 mp. 

Now at the start, attack Khazad as much as possible to decrease him under 50% . One 35k+ officer should be enough to reduce him under 50%. Then polymorph him, kill him! First problem solved, no reborn or annoying skills from khazad.

Now move to the part why do we put damage dealer in position 2 and 3. When riri got disable , the main boss will use skill oneither 2 or 3 . I have test serveral hundred times and it seems like the front row will be attack first , which is number 2. So putyour stronger dmg dealer with higher defence at 2, and weaker defence at 3. 

The best outcome is after killing khazad both number 2,3 or even 4 are under 50% hp . This will take time . It took me 80 tries to get the best result. 

So just keep trying until you get your ideal conditions. Then active at the same time critical+ enhance . You will deal MASSIVEDAMAGE. My frog ribbit deal a 100k damage ultimate, my snowqueen deal 35k per hit. Those are the best outcome after dozen tries.

If you follow that core strategy , you could finish boss before 40s . Or even if you dont , the boss will be left with under 10% hp and you could easily finish the job in 50-80 s

And dont forget about rancer reiden, if she isnt banned, she is a must have . Because her opening skills give the team invisible+ crit buff and no hero is bannish because of invisibility.

Cheer, good luck guys.

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