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#ChaosMasters #TIP

MBJ [Kounik]

Raid Boss Cerberus - "Welcome to the Hell!"

Hello Guys,

This time I write a short guild to show you how can beat the new raid boss Cerberus, Hound of Hades. The basically points about Team fight, Dark fragment, Raid token,… is same with the raid boss Slurp.

Just one thing different: So hard… So excited…!

Some important thing you should know about Three-headed Dog:

- Level raid 1~3: there are 02 boss phases (revive 01 time). Level raid 4~6: there are 03 boss phases (revive 02 time). Each of that time, the boss remove all debuff and recover mana fully for itself.

- Cerberus have many dangerous skill:

+ Blood Cry, normally casted in 2nd turn of each phase.

+ Flesh Tear, normally casted in 1st turn of each phase. Very dangerous, especially after we destroyed any Voodooist or BloodStone and the max HP of boss is raised.

+ Limb Bite, casted when the boss have fully mana point. Try to prevent the boss cast this skill, so we can save all buffs for our team.

+ Bloody Footprint, normally casted in the turn after boss had cast the Ultimate skill Limb Bite.

+ Trample, normally casted in 3rd turn of each phase.

+ Blood Bath, boss’s pasive, recover a lot of HP for each kill. Sometime when our heroes are killeb by Cerberus, we can not prevent the huge recovery then we go down to defeat.

- In 1st phase, there are 2 Voodooists in front of Cerberus. Their passive is immune. They have casting skills, buff defense rate for Cerberus, 2x2pt def, also recover HP (5%)/MP (2mp) and remove 2x1 random debuff every 2s.


They have 6.7s cooldown, so they can buff for boss continuously. If one of them is killed, the remain one can revive its partner after it complete action. Voodooist can improve for boss when killed, and make boss angry. So if we can, try to kill boss first only, 2 Voodooists will be disappeared afer.

- In 2nd phase, there are 2 BloodStone in front of Cerberus. Their Hp is 100. Each stone when destroyed will improve Cerberus stronger, try to avoid them when damage boss.

- In 3rd phase, early Cerberus cast an annihilation skill, can kill all of opposite team. After, it will be stuned and fall asleep. Focus all damage on it for triumph.

With all above things, I recommend the line up for Cerberus raid mode like as (highlight for category is Uncommon/ Rare/ Legendary):

  • Heroes have Cancel Casting skill, suggest Cedrina/ Nepa-tuum/ Dereka/ Gloria/ Zupiel
  • Heroes have +MP Conpsumtion skill, suggest Coco/ Mayreel, some case we can choose Snow Queen.
  • Heroes have Remove Debuff skill, suggest Horlan/ Dereka
  • Heroes have Attack Boost and/or Cooldown Reduction skill, suggest Horlan/ Gloria/ Edelyn/ Medusa/ Aureus/ Refuq/ Rosarinte/ Ribbit/ Shapina (stand at line 3)
  • Heroes have Defense Reduction skill, suggest Refuq/ Nepa-tuum/ Reina/ Radeath/ Rosarinte/ Zupiel
  • Heroes have Cooldown Delaying skill, suggest Cedrina/ Snow Queen/ Dereka/ Gloria (with her passive)/ Leonic, some case we can choose Horlan
  • Heroes have MP Reduction skill, suggest Reina, anothers are difficult to using.
  • Heroes have MP Boost skill, suggest Dereka/ Reina/ Ribbit/ Medusa
  • Heroes have High Damage Single Target Passive skill, suggest Serena/ Kali (main), Gloria/ Ribbit (semi)

Master Skill for this mode:

  • Banish: 01 or 02 ea, using at early of 3rd phase for avoiding Cerberus ultimate.
  • Immune: 01 or 02 ea, for removing a huge debuff.
  • Abyss Orb: 01 or 02 ea, for reducing Cerberus MP when it preparing cast skill with full MP.
  • Eagle Eyes: 01 ea, for providing all team make the critical hit in 3rd phase.

Squad Building and Operating:

1st Phase 

  • In first and second turn, make the fine buff for all team as many as possible, prioritize damage-dealer heroes. Those heroes should stand at line 3 together. Use 02 heroes with cancel casting skill hit on 02 Voodoo monters when they are casting. Cerberus’s Flesh Tear is explosive skill, so 3 heroes in line 1 and 02 heroes at center of line 2 will be reduced 80% max Hp. Put Dereka at center of line 1 and Horlan at beside, then we can remove all these debuff without using Immune.
  • We have 02 ways to pass 1st phase. If enough strong, we can kill 02 Voodooists in 01 turn. Else, kill the Cerberus directly.

[1st Phase] – Voodoo Monster are casting defense buff, 05 heroes in front of squad are decreased 80% MaxHp after Cerberus casted Flesh Tear skill.

  • Terminate 1st phase boss when we ensure our squad will action before boss after moving to 2nd phase.

2nd Phase 

  • Make the fine buff for all team continuously. Focus all our damage on Cerberus, avoid 02 BloodStones. Or if we are overpower, we can destroy stones before, then kill boss later.
  • We should use 01 Immune and 01 Abyss Orb at early of this phase for good result.

[2nd Phase] – All team with full fine buff is focusing damage on Cerberus without destroying the stones.

  • If we use Serena (Rare Attacker) as main damage-dealer role, remember reduce cooldown for all team, then she releases a lot of Magic Bow when casting Ultimate. If we use Kali (Rare Attacker), it to hard to avoid stones. We can not control Kali’s passive hit.
  • Similar with 1st phase, terminate 2nd phase boss when we ensure our squad will action before boss after moving to 3rd phase.

3rd Phase 

  • In case we have a few heroes can action before Cerberus, try to make fine buff again. Cerberus in this time is invincible.
  • Using Banish just before Cerberus actions for avoiding its Annihilation Ultimate – Blood Breath.
  • After that, Cerberus is stuned. Using Eagle Eyes and launch all critical damage on boss. Kill the boss before it wake up is better.

[3rd Phase] – All team with Eagle Eyes buff is lauching critical damage on Cerberus.

  • The blink icon in action bar indicate the time Cerberus wake up. When this icon arrive to center Cerberus get off the Exhaustion Mode, recover full MP and cast Limb Bite. Also it has halt cooldown. So in this time we can not reduce its speed. Try to kill it as soon as passible. Now there is more and more difficult, except that we use Serena as damage-dealer role.


  • Always put the debuff +MP Consumption on Cerberus to ensure that it can not cast ultimate skill. It mean, we can save all fine buffs for our squad, also boss can not remove any debuff what we put on it.
  • Distribute the fine buffs for all team, calculate the affect time. Don’t waste any buff because of duplicate or overstack.
  • Decide to terminate boss or skip turn exactly. In some tough situation, use the Banish for hiding all team.

Bonus Video:

This time I and my partner, @Thangvn incorporate together. We choose to using this squad because each of us own the heroes whom can easy combine in a good strategy. All of heroes are enhanced at least lvl 30, evolved grade 6* and transcended grade 5, except Coco is only transcended grade 1. Core hero is Serena (New Rare Attacker), key hero is Coco (New Legendary Magician).

[Assign Team] – The formation with core hero Serena and many supporter stand by side.

The strategy is based on Serena Ultimate and Passive. Her Ultimate can casting in maximum 15s (at skill level 11), during this period she launch the Magic Bow Shot after each action of a teammate. And her passive is “permanently increases Atk by 10% at the end of an action”. It mean Serena performs more action, she can inflicts more damage. For that purpose, we use Coco to enables Serena takes 02 action in 01 her turn. The grown speed of Serena’s attack now multiplied by 2. Also 2nd skill of Coco can prevents Cerberus casts ultimate skill. Kill two birds with one stone. Remain heroes are common and similar with almost other squad. Therein, Horlan, Edelyn and Gloria primarily use the Cooldown Reduction Skill and keep all team in the high attack speed status (+4 stack rcd for all, +5 for Serena).

Coco spend her 1st skill on Serena in all turns. Just one time she use 2nd skill to put debuff on Cerberus (at the time 23rd – 24th second of battle). Serena use 1st skill and deal a lot of damages to Cerberus, and when her MP is full, she starts casting Ultimate, then she continue deal huge damage (with the direct hit rate boost) even she has complete her turn.

Please mind that the passive hits of Serena/ Gloria/ Reina and Magic Bow Shots will target the smallest %CurrrentHp/MaxHp enemy. So first we need inflict damage on Cerberus, then %HP of it is lower than Voodooists. After, all damage will focus on it.

Use Master Skills Immune/ Abyss Orb/ Banish in a few important moment. (Take it easy after defeated a lot of time.)

Hope it is useful with you!

- Do you hear the Calling?

So, let’s go to the raid mode and get our honor!


                                                                                                                                -- Kounik --